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SUAVV Decor: Bachelor Pad Dinner Party

One thing that I have learnt, since relocating to New York, is that having friends over for dinner is fast becoming a frequent social necessity. It’s an opportunity to kick back from the busy lifestyle and pace of New York City, network, and enjoy the people that you care about and converse intimately about the events of the world. From a slightly different perspective, it’s a chance to eat some good food and have fun.

I believe, when it comes to having guests over for a meal, presentation plays an instrumental part in the success of your evening’s entertainment. So, with the help of some integral accessories acquired from house and home atelier Crate & Barrel, here are some ideas on how to make your next dinner party look as amazing as it tastes…hopefully. Th goal is to acheive an effect that states Chic + Modern + Stylistic = SUAVV.

Cuisinart® 16-Bottle Wine Cellar: $199.95

Starting at the beginning…sometimes, for those of us who appreciate some spirits with our meals. a good dinner is only as good as the chosen wine. Having a perfectly temperatured bottle of wine is almost a  craft. Most of us, when planning for a group of 6 or more, may not have enough space in the fridge to just have bottles of Moscato and Chardonnay taking up needed rack room. So to avoid trying to flash chill wine, a small wine cooler is a great idea.

Bellamy Carafe: $26.95

Buzz Glasses: $4.50 each

Once you pop the cork, the wine needs to get some air to release the flavor. (I don’t know the process and the explanation of this concept completely but hey, that’s what Google is for.) Therefore, for a really nice way to present the wine and allow for a extra swirl,  using these Buzz Glasses will add an extra flare to the Carafe. Toss aside the typical wine glasses and grab a few of these.

Vinturi Red Wine Aerator: $39.95

If you arent really for the Carafe, this instant aerator may be perfect for you. Adding the aeration to the wine, boost the flavor, and you’re party is off to a great start.

Missoula Large Bowl: $34.95

Missoula Small Bowl: $7.95

2-Piece Ditto Server Set: $29.95

Hazel Flatware: $29.95

SALAD TIME!! Okay, this can really set off the party. This bowl set and serving utensils can be matched easily, and this is definitely a conversation piece. Without being too costly, you can save on piling up plates and still be fancy LOL. Now for the people that like washing dishes with scouring pads…DON’T DO THIS WITH THIS SALAD SET!!!

Murano Black Dinnerware: $12.95 – $14.95

A nice dish set will always be your friend. I love the design of this set with the small indentations in the patterning of the plates. The dark color is really attracted this particular set to me, buthere are different colors in case you want to match it to the theme of your room instead.


For more options. Please visit: www.crateandbarrel.com



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