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Neighbors Know Your Name? Bringing Her to an Orgasm

By Michael Smith

Let’s face it fellas, sometimes sex isn’t all about you. We’ve all heard (or even used) the phrase, “…as long as I get mine,” but any real gentleman, or furthermore any man who has the least bit of interest in truly pleasing a woman, will make sure that the one he’s with will be “getting hers” too.  The problem is, most guys don’t really know how to bring a woman to orgasm, and it takes a little bit more effort than just pumping away at her ferociously. According to a study, one of the first things to help bringing a woman to orgasm is for both of you to just simply not think about orgasms. Sounds easy right? It is. The study says that relaxation is one of the first most important things in leading a woman to that point of no return.

Although both men and women have orgasms, a woman’s orgasm is a completely different animal than ours. What causes one woman to orgasm may not be the same for another, and it’s important to know that just because a woman doesn’t have an orgasm doesn’t mean she considers it bad sex. Many women crave the emotional and physical act of sex more than the actual climax. But if making her squirm, squeal and say your name in the heat of the moment is what you’re really after, then you should follow these few tips to help bring your girl to an unforgettable orgasm.

1. Help her relax. At the beginning of a relationship, many women can be nervous about a myriad of different things. She could be wondering if you think she’s any good in bed, what you think of her body, and what kind of protection is being used so she doesn’t get pregnant. With all of that anxiety, it’s almost impossible for her to climax! Put her fears to rest by letting her know you have all night, you’re enjoying her company and she is attractive to you and it’s about more than just sex.

2. Romance her. Sex is more mental and emotional for women than it is for men. The context of a sexual encounter for a woman can be either a major turn on or a major turn off. If you pull out the Luther CDs, light some candles and give her a nice body massage with some good oils (don’t shop at the Dollar Store fellas), you’re more likely to get her juices flowing to the point of an orgasm.

3. Ummm, don’t skip the foreplay. While we all know that as men, we’re more interested in getting “in”, for the woman foreplay is a key component in getting her ready for great sex. So just because you can go from 0 to 60 in a few seconds, doesn’t mean she can. If you really want to make her orgasm, focus on every aspect of her body and not just her “bits and pieces.”

4. Don’t forget to use your hands…and your tongue! A lot of women don’t orgasm during vaginal intercourse because it doesn’t give her direct clitoral stimulation. Once again, just because you’re thrusting about like a porn star doesn’t mean she’s enjoying it. Women are more likely to orgasm during oral or manual stimulation, so if you want her to orgasm then don’t mind putting your tongue to work!

5. Harder…don’t stop! And she means it. Whenever you hear a woman use those words, she really does mean it. It takes some women quite a bit of stimulation to have an orgasm during sex, but they can feel it building up much the same you do and they know when whatever you’re doing, is doing it right. So when your girl tells you don’t stop, turn into the Energizer Bunny and keep going and going and going and going…

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