Low-cost airlines can offer great prices on tickets thanks to what they do not offer, no free food or drinks, less cabin crew, and closer seating to squeeze in as many passengers as possible. But this does not mean that it has to be unpleasant, here are SUAVV Travel 10 tips on how to survive a low-cost flight in comfort.

  1. Pick the best seats

How many times have you flown with your legs cramped and stuck in the same position for hours? Your comfort depends on where you sit, so if you can, you should choose the seat for your flight. The more legroom, the more comfort. Unfortunately, there are not many extra legroom seats on low-cost flights, usually just at the front and by the emergency exits. While they do allow you to stretch your legs, they also mean that you cannot keep your bags on the floor during take-off and landing. Passengers are also required to have good hearing and mobility in case of an emergency.

  1. Pack sensibly

One of the simplest things is knowing what to put in your suitcase. Remember to put anything that you will use during your flight, a book, water, or cosmetics in a bag that you can keep under your seat. This avoids the need to climb past other passengers and struggle with stowed luggage during the flight.

  1. Take your cosmetics with you

The best way to stay fresh when you travel is to keep cosmetics like moisturizing, cream, lip balm, face wipes, or thermal spray water handy. It is also a good idea to bring eye drops too to stop your eyes from getting dry. Cosmetics can be packed in travel size bottles up to 100 ml, up to one liter. This also applies to drinking water, unless purchased after the security check.

  1. Dress in layers

Comfort is key. You never know what temperature it will be on the plane, so it’s best to dress in layers. Wear clothing that is easy to remove and is soft and breathable, like a cotton T-shirt or sweatshirt. Avoid wool and tight clothing with scratchy label tags.

  1. Bring a flight pillow, eye mask, and blanket

It’s a very good idea to bring a thin blanket with you, since you never know just how cold or draughty the plane may be. An inflatable pillow and eye mask take up little space and can offer a comfortable position and aid sleeping, making the flight pass faster.

  1. Brings earplugs or headphones

If you are looking forward to a snooze during your flight, make sure you pack earplugs or headphones somewhere handy. They will help you block out all the noises associated with a low-cost flight and with a pillow and a face mask will reduce all stimuli. You can listen to our special flight mix on Spotify to help you on your way.

  1. Bring some snacks

Airlines do not prohibit bringing your own food in your hand luggage, so bring a few snacks with you to keep you going. Bring nuts, dark chocolate, or dried fruit with you, avoid unhealthy foods, and save some money too. Don’t forget the restrictions on liquids and customs regulations.

  1. Don’t forget a book or something to watch

When flying, especially on longer trips, bring a book and something to watch to help pass the time. If you are going to listen to music or watch a movie don’t forget to bring your own headphones so as to not disturb other passengers.

  1. Lift your legs up and down

If you can’t straighten your legs, try to raise them up and down. This will improve circulation and reduces the risk of swelling, joint pain, and deep vein thrombosis. You can also buy an inflatable footrest that will improve your position on the plane.

  1.  Stay hydrated

A bottle of water in your hand luggage will keep you hydrated throughout your flight without having to pay exorbitant airline prices. Cabin air is recirculated and drier than regular air so drinking liquids is important.

One last tip is to make sure that you know what passenger rights you have in case something goes wrong. Know what compensation and damages you are due if your flight is delayed or cancelled, or you are denied boarding because of overbooking.

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