5 Essential Places to Visit in Los Angeles

5 Essential Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Written by Greg Poblete

To anyone visiting Southern California, I know that your initial go-to places to visit might include Disneyland, Hollywood, and the park bench from 500 Days of Summer, but I have constructed a list of 5 possible places to eat to blend in with the LA locals. 

  1. Pizzanista: Located in the Arts District, Pizzanista is a fantastic pizza spot founded by professional skateboarder, Salman Agah. The menu includes many delicious slices of ‘za including the Meat Jesus, White, and Soppressata & Mushroom. There are even vegan options available. The skateboard culture is heavy at Pizzanista with the punk-rock inspired merchandise hanging from the walls and the music playlist.

2019 E. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021 

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