Transform Your Home With 5 Easy Winter Weekend Indoor DIY Projects

Transform Your Home With 5 Easy Winter Weekend Indoor DIY Projects

       Whether you’re staying inside this winter to avoid cold weather or possible COVID infection, now is the ideal time to tackle DIY projects.

Invest just one weekend and you can add value and style to your home interior. Plan ahead and order online so that your DIY materials come right to your door. Then start on a Friday afternoon and by Sunday you can enjoy the look of your new stairway system, countertop, or shelves!     

Project #1- Refinish a Countertop

            Whether it’s in your kitchen or bathroom, an old countertop can be an eyesore. Roll on a new stone surface right over existing countertops made of laminate, cultured marble, concrete, wood or tile.


            The SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit from Daich Coatings includes everything you need to transform a countertop in a weekend. Available in 11 color options, the kit covers up to 40 square feet of space, and is generally priced less than $125.       

            Application can be done in three simple steps — a stone base coat, a decorative stone coat and a stone clear top coat. The coatings create a lasting and elegant new upgrade for any room. The finishes are essentially odorless and come pre-mixed and ready to apply immediately, with no harsh chemicals.

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