Accessorize: Adding a Little Pop of Style

Accessorize: Adding a Little Pop of Style

Accessories are supplementary objects used for convenience, attractiveness, and completeness of any basic wardrobe. Our men’s fashion over the years have come a long way from just its staple watches, chains, and cufflinks. In 2011 the wow-factor is only as big as your last accessory. Besides having a sharp sense of fashion your goal is to get a conversational piece started to make the party blush with envy. All it takes is one bold soul to walk up to you and utter the magical phrase: “Hey I really like that! Where did you get it from?” And CHECKMATE! A smirk is now on your face and you’ve reeled in a newly found worshiper of your style etiquette. Here are a few trends that will keep you ahead of the game and ready to impress the bland by-standers. 


  • Wallets– A man’s wallet is obviously where the bread is kept and more notably tucked away in a pocket. But when you’re about to foot the bill it’s always a great thing when you don’t pull out a basic black/brown carrier. Patterns, Colors, and Studs will have you and your money holder becoming the star of the show. There are also men’s long length wallets that break the normal tradition of being a square (pun intended). The longer the wallet, gives the appearance of the longer the money. And of course with that the sleeker and more fashionable you become with the crowd. Check out these wallets from, EZRA ARTHUR – a brand who believes in quality men’s good handcrafted in America and designed for life.


  • Bracelets-You ever heard the saying, “time flies while having fun”??? Well, you’ll hear a lot of that this season. Watches will always be the staple piece for the wrist, but who needs one when your IPHONE or Android is constantly by your side. Accessorizing is all about bracelets for the wrist. If you’re still a bit skeptical about the overkill jewelry a minimum one or two are always acceptable. But for the fashion seeker pile on the multiple colors, shapes, and fabrics. The different types will make for meanings in your style life and add character to your fit. Check out some of the amazing beaded bracelets from Thomas Cuvor 


  • Bags & Clutches– Men are still on the fence about carrying a bag. I get that its one step away from a purse. However, we too, like women, have stuff to store throughout our everyday busy itinerary. Let’s face facts, a gym bag isn’t as functional with daily wear as some might presume. Bags as well as clutches or the modern day briefcase. Find a manly carrier to your liking and go full force with it. Breaking up a cotton easy flow outfit this season can always be offset with a leather bag or clutch. No matter what the season brings a conditional tan, brown, or black sack will keep you multi-toting in style with great usage. Here are some bags that I love from


  • Shades-With heat comes the sun and your eyes need something fashionable to block the rays. Sunshades will always be that traditional piece that never falters. It’s always ideal to go big or go home but the best advice is to get a frame that obviously fits your face. Oval shaped faces tend to stick to more wider frames which balance things accordingly. The squared faced individuals usually go a bit wider, which looks perfectly once you find the right pair. The round-faced individual can be caught with more square shaped frames as a contrast. No matter what brand you chooses, classic black shades go a long way with any attire. It always is like the closing piece that completes the look.

  • Belts-Whether you have your pants worn the correct way to your frame, or you’re into the sagging skater crazed skinny jeans, a belt is the best accessory for any pants style. As we tend to fall into the same trance of the modern day wallets, just note its okay to switch up the normal blacks & browns to compliment your waist. There’s a continuing echo that screams COLOR & PATTERNS!!! Utilize that inner voice and even take a risk with not being so matchy-matchy. Style is all about fun and innovation. Red shoes and a red belt are hot but a blue skinny belt that offsets a wardrobe of greens and khakis always steal the show. Keep in mind that as long as you play off of shades in your wardrobe no color is off limits to try out. Check out some of my favorite styles from



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