Caleb Sasser’s Soulful Story: Gospel Roots, Toni Braxton, and The Voice’s Impact

Caleb Sasser’s Soulful Story: Gospel Roots, Toni Braxton, and The Voice’s Impact

Caleb Sasser is a talented singer and songwriter whose voice caught the attention of audiences around the world on the popular TV show, The Voice. Let’s just be clear…I am a part of that world. Listening to his audition of Toni Braxton’s “Another Sad Love Song”. His rendition of one of my favorite songs made my eyes get big and the rewind button was pressed multiple times. I found the clip and sent it to numerous friends and then I dove in his DM’s. That’s right, when someone is that talented, I refuse to not reach out to them.

Imagine Caleb Sasser’s music journey as a recipe for a delicious dish. The gospel upbringing is like the base ingredient, adding depth and richness to the flavor. Then, the introduction to secular music is like discovering new, exciting spices that enhance the taste and bring a sense of adventure to the dish.

Caleb’s musical journey began at a young age when he started singing in church. He joined the choir at the tender age of four or five and delivered his first solo at six or seven, singing the gospel song “Oh, How I Love Jesus.” His initial exposure to music in a church setting ignited his passion for singing and performing, shaping the foundation of his musical aspirations.

Caleb’s transition from singing solely in the church to exploring secular music wasn’t the easiest due to the impact of strict parental influences in his early years. Nonetheless, his exposure to artists like Faith Evans, Beyoncé, and John Legend in his teenage years broadened his musical horizon. The experience of listening to secular music for the first time left a profound impression on him, marking the beginning of a new musical journey that would eventually lead him to a career in mainstream music.

Caleb realized the dichotomy between the reactions of different generations to secular music and delved into his personal experiences of integrating these influences into his own musical style. Gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams, and Cece Winans were significant influences, and he grew an admiration for the soulful R&B sounds of artists such as Brandy and Jasmine Sullivan.

Caleb Sasser

Caleb’s experience on “The Voice” can be likened to presenting this extraordinary recipe to a panel of esteemed chefs. Their immediate approval represents the attainment of a coveted Michelin star. Just as in cooking, where success leads to a wider audience savoring your culinary creations, Caleb’s musical talent has gained recognition, attracting admirers far and wide.

Caleb shares his initial hesitations and eventual triumph on the show. His audition, which received resounding praise from the judges, led to emotional and heartwarming moments, including the overwhelming pride and joy shared with his father. Seeing his father tear up made me wonder what was on his dad’s mind. Even though he cannot speak for his dad, he believes that the relentless support of watching his son go after his dream and seeing the acceptance in the chairs turning around was an overwhelming moment of success and gratitude. In a parent’s way of speaking…it was all worth it.

Despite not winning the competition, Caleb emphasizes the profound impact his voice had on the audience and the inspiration he was able to impart through his music. The genuine connection he made with viewers and industry professionals alike echoes his tattoo, “I’ve got to reach the world and let my voice be heard,” reflecting his ultimate goal of using his music to touch and inspire others.

His plans for the future are like preparing a signature dish to delight patrons in grand, illustrious venues. Just as a chef aspires to see their recipes enchanting diners in exclusive settings, Caleb envisions his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics resonating with audiences in prestigious concert halls and arenas.

Caleb’s plans for the future include the upcoming release of his EP. He offers a glimpse into the style and essence of his music, describing it as a blend of singer-songwriter soul, jazz, and R&B. Through his upcoming projects, Caleb aims to captivate audiences with his unique style and vocal artistry, drawing inspiration from his own experiences and musical influences.

Caleb Sasser’s musical journey embodies resilience, growth, and an unwavering passion for creating soulful, emotive music. As he continues to carve his path in the music industry, his journey remains an inspiring narrative of an artist striving to make his mark in the world through the power of his voice.

Much like creating a memorable and satisfying meal, Caleb Sasser’s artistry weaves together different elements to create an enriching and enjoyable experience for all who savor his music.

Caleb Sasser

Caleb Sasser


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