Celebrity Hairstylist: Jennifer Buchalla Tips for Men’s Haircare

Celebrity Hairstylist: Jennifer Buchalla Tips for Men’s Haircare

As an in-demand celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist, Jennifer Buchalla knows how to make her superstar clients look amazing. For some men’s hair inspiration, Jennifer Buchalla has some tips for men when it comes to their haircare.

What are some things men can do to maintain the hair they have and grow their hair stronger?

In order to have good hair, you must take care of it. Maintenance is key. Trims are a must, about every 4 weeks (short hair) and every 8 weeks (mid to long length hair). It is important to keep the ends clean and split free to ensure that the hair shaft will not split up and break off. Massaging and stimulating the scalp daily can increase blood flow and circulation to the hair follicles. This can be added to your daily routine to prevent hair loss. Products such as Nioxin and Rogaine are good to use for slowing down hair loss and for maintaining already thinning hair.

What are some shampoos and conditioners that men should be using?

American Crew has an excellent line of shampoos and conditioners for men of all hair lengths and hair types. And, don’t skip the conditioner. Conditioners minimize tangles and split ends and prevent breakage so make sure you use a conditioner. By using a conditioner the hair looks smooth, softer, and shiny.

What are some hair office looks for men?

To have your hair looking more professional or on the polished side, try slicking back the top and sides of the hair. Also, try slicking back the hair, or slick back a ponytail, or a man bun. These hairstyles are best worn to the office.

What type of hairbrushes should men be using?

For truly good looking hair, you’ll need a good hairbrush. For men with short to mid-length and long hair, I suggest using the Wet Brush. It has very gentle detangling properties and is inexpensive in price. Make sure to brush your hair gently. Try not to brush the hair roughly or for too long to avoid breakage or for the hair to grow at a slower rate. Brushing your hair gently will help remove loose hair and your scalp will benefit from it as this is great to promote hair growth.

What are some styling products that men should be using?

Depending on the finish that is desired (matte or shiny), men should use a pomade or cream to style short hair. A styling cream offers a more flexible hold with little to no shine or crunch. A pomade can offer stronger hold without being sticky or drying. I love American Crew’s Fiber for styling men’s short hair, mid-length, and long hair. It offers a workable stronghold with no shine. It is perfect for men’s hairstyles including to wear to the office. It is also pliable and re-workable throughout the day to use on the hair.

Celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Jennifer Buchalla has over fifteen years of extensive experience in the fields of makeup, hairstyling, weddings, tattoo cover-up and body painting, men’s grooming, manicuring, and hair color and precision haircutting. Early in her career, after receiving her California state cosmetology license, she went on to further her education through the Vidal Sassoon Academy and MAC Cosmetics. Jennifer Buchalla works in all aspects of the industry including film and television, celebrity clients, runway, photoshoots, red carpet, special effects and costume makeup, and theater.

Celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Jennifer Buchcalla is based in Los Angeles, CA and travels for clients in the U.S. and abroad. Her work has appeared in movies and TV shows, music videos, high profile events, publications, celebrity events, fashion shows, and documentaries. Her clientele is located in the U.S. and internationally.
For more information on celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist Jennifer Buchalla, visit www.jenniferbuchalla.com and follow her on Instagram at @jenniferbuchalla.

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