Cell Phone Fitness: Sworkit

Cell Phone Fitness: Sworkit

The incredibly popular and free fitness app, Sworkit is eliminating every excuse to skip your exercise. Available on iOS and Android systems, the app is like having a personal trainer at your fingertips. Sworkit allows each user to choose a type of workout including, strength, stretching, cardio, and yoga, as well as the length they want their workout to last. Users can then follow along to a video that demonstrates each workout in real time.


The premium version ($4.99/month with free 7-day trial) offers customizable 6-week workout plans to match its users specific fitness goals. Each plan has been created by professional trainers with a focus on making its users fitter, leaner, or stronger. Each week the workouts will become progressively challenging. Whatever your spring break goal, Sworkit will help you reach it!



For additional information visit https://sworkit.com

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