7 Signs That You’re Disconnected from the Earth…and 7 Ways to Reconnect This Earth Day

7 Signs That You’re Disconnected from the Earth…and 7 Ways to Reconnect This Earth Day

Here are some powerful ways to connect with the Earth, honor Her, and experience the healing you crave.

Reuse as many items as you can. Earth Day is a good time to look at your wasteful habits and see what you can change. Menard reminds us that our Ancestors wasted nothing and used every part of the animal for food, clothing, and tools. Our Grandparents were also thrifty and made use of every jar, piece of cloth, wire, and thread. They understood that Mother Earth could provide for all their needs. They also knew using Her resources was a privilege. Are you caught up in this throw-away attitude? Your Sacred Feminine is calling you to stop and return to balance.

“Before you buy a new item, check the second-hand shops for a good used one,” says Menard. “Look around your home and see what can be reused. Milk jugs can be saved for next year’s winter sowing. That oversized pickle jar can be made into a sprouting container. What creative things can you come up with to help reduce Mother Earth’s burden? How can you help Her regenerate new life? As you journey on this Earth Walk, remember that your Ancestors’ wisdom is inside you. Ask them to help you do your part in creating a cleaner world.”

Fill your living space with lush greenery. Keeping plants in your living space cleans the air and directly connects you to the beauty of the natural world, says Menard. Plus, tending to plants daily is a simple way to relieve stress and experience joy. Whether you have ample room or just a vacant windowsill, you can add a variety of edible and decorative plants into your home. Fill pots and planters with edible herbs. Pot strawberry plants or a lemon tree and place them on your porch, sunroom, or patio. Research plants that clean the air, such as aloe vera, philodendrons, or spider plants, and place them throughout your home.

Go for a walk outside. Anytime you realize you have been inside for too long, step outside and let your feet lead you to a place of natural beauty and quiet contemplation. This will rebalance the electrical energies of the Sacred Masculine with the magnetic energies of the Sacred Feminine. Leave all distractions at home and let your physical body move freely through your neighborhood or down newly discovered pathways.

“As you walk, breathe in those organic essences and feel the Life Force all around you,” says Menard. “This is joy for your physical body. And of course, walking lessens our dependence on cars, lowering emissions and keeping the air cleaner.”

Stand barefoot on the Earth. Everyone benefits from grounding, which is the act of standing barefoot in the grass or soil. Menard says that the magnetic nature of the Sacred Feminine can ground the electric way of the Sacred Masculine. It grounds your scattered energy and reconnects you with the rhythm of Mother Earth.

“Take those shoes off and let your feet be free,” says Menard. “Walk outside and let the cool grass or soil touch the soles of your feet. How does it feel to you? Did you know that the bottoms of your feet are receptors of energy? Mother Earth directs healing energy through your feet when you make contact with Her. Squish your toes in the dirt. Massage your feet over some pebbles. Walk on the grass through the evening dew. Let Mother Earth help your thoughts and emotions return to balance. Honor your connection to the planet, and She will honor you in return.”

Earth Day

Mindfully feed, move, and honor your body. Have you been dishonoring your physical body? It is time to stop. You are a spiritual being living life as a human being while you are here in the Earth realm. Remember that your physical body, designed by the Creator, acts as a precious vessel for something sacred. You.

“Your Ancestors lived long, long lives because they understood the gifts of the physical body and treated it with deep respect,” says Menard. “Maybe you have become too sedentary. Maybe you have been eating too many empty foods. It is time to shift these habits. Foods harvested and eaten directly from Mother Earth’s body are highly beneficial to your body’s well-being. Honor its need for pure, whole, natural foods. Honor its need to move and stretch. Your body has a dynamic essence that dances in rhythm with all of Creation. Learn to dance with it.”

Cook an Earth Day feast with foods from the Earth’s bounty. Harvest the food from

your garden or local farmer’s market, and invite your friends and Relations to partake in a sacred gathering. Feed them with your loving intent. Be generous and wise in your selections of dishes. Nourish yourself and your loved ones by choosing foods that honor your physical bodies.

“Food respected as medicine enhances the connection to your Spirit,” says Menard. “This way of being with food was your Earth Mother’s intention. Harmonize with Her Sacred Laws. It feels so good. Surround yourself with the warmth of friendship and the wealth of community and offer them your generosity and kindness. Host a sacred feast. Eat well. Love deeply and share your bounty.”

Say “thank you” to Mother Earth. Spend a few minutes acknowledging the sustenance Mother Earth provides and the love She shares. When was the last time you gave your full attention to the food you eat or the water you drink? Stay in the present, where your innate wisdom is the strongest, and express your gratitude without holding back.

“Mother Earth freely offers Her bounty, which keeps you alive on this Earth Walk, and expects nothing in return,” says Menard. “Life is a circle. When you speak your thanks as an offering, Mother Earth expands Her offerings to you in ways you have never dreamed of. Speak to Her like a dear friend. She knows you well and awaits your attention to share Her love with you. Send words of gratitude toward the plants, animals, and birds that share your home. Mother Earth’s wish is to have Her children’s hearts reunite with all their Relations. Your act of love will heal you and the world around you.”

          “It’s never too late to deepen your connection with our planet,” says Menard. “But the sooner you do it, the sooner you can reap the tremendous rewards of healing and peace. When we take care of our planet, it takes care of us in return. There’s no better way to observe Earth Day than by initiating this powerful shift.”

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