Get Healthy with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Stephanie Rofkahr

Get Healthy with Celebrity Fitness Trainer Stephanie Rofkahr

Celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist Stephanie Rofkahr is the ultimate training partner, motivator and role model of health, fitness and nutrition to others. When it comes to the well-being of her clients and new clients alike, she will show you the best when it comes to fitness including showing you fantastic workouts, proper form, nutrition and what fits your body type. 

Stephanie Rofkahr is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and wants to get you in shape so that you can feel good in your own skin. She is a top expert in fitness and nutrition. She is the best of the best in her field and in regards to bodybuilding, she started competing in NPC bikini bodybuilding competitions where she has placed 3rd, 2nd, and five 1st place wins to which now has her nationally qualified for this year of 2020. 

Do you offer online nutrition coaching? 
Yes, absolutely. There is nutrition coaching to food suggestions, etc. Available in the online coaching is a grocery list to help you while shopping, as well as a list of menu items from several favorite restaurants for when you go out to eat and you can still stay on track. 

Why is it important to have nutritional guidance by you? 
I will teach you which foods work well around your workouts to fuel you better! I guide you through macros and how to track your foods. With your month long nutritional guidance by me, you will leave with knowledge and understanding of how to eat to live not live to eat! 

How can I enhance my workouts at home? 
Include some key items for your workout at home including resistance bands. Visit:

Do you offer virtual fitness training?
Yes! The virtual training program workouts range from 5 to 45 minutes depending on your time frame. It works well for every body type as it keeps you moving, strength training, and releasing your natural endorphins! They are categorized in Upper and Lower Body, Bodyweight, Home, Gym, and Core, etc. It is great as you can choose the workouts you want to do! 

Stephanie Rofkahr is a celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist that helps people get fit and stay healthy. She enjoys sharing her passion for fitness and good nutrition with others. Certified personal trainer Stephanie Rofkahr is featured in national media. For more information on Stephanie Rofkahr, visit:

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