Fun Technology Nobody Needs but Everyone Wants

Fun Technology Nobody Needs but Everyone Wants

Have you ever scrolled Facebook and found a fun technology item that was really cool, but you really didn’t need? And instead of fighting your instincts, you bought it, but then realized you needed a product that wasn’t only cool but practical too? Well, the challenge is on! Here are the top 10 fun tech products that are useful, easy to use, and awesome without breaking the bank. Because honestly, the “best products require users to do the least amount of thinking to get to their desired result” and are in style.

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Foxtech Kraken 130 V3 Octopter ARF Combo
The Kraken 130 is a fantastic piece of equipment. Featuring a separate central and battery plate, the drone is able to have reduced battery weight making the design have improved torque, durability, and maneuverability. This makes the body have a more perfect body and be more stable. Net, it is equipped with powerful motors and high-efficiency 19-inch CF propellers allowing it to fly over 50 minutes. This makes the Foxtech Kraken the drone to get and honestly who doesn’t love a good drone?

The New Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera
The Blink indoor/outdoor security camera is perfect for your home or business protection needs. This video system captures clear video, has live HD and audio streaming, two-way talk/audio, motion sensors, night vision, a blue LED illuminator, and is water-resistant, and wireless. The module is easy to set up and sync. Further, this device has batteries that last up to two years, has no monthly contracts, free cloud storage, and works with Alexa, making this one of the most convenient HD camera systems.

The Popup Lantern and Bluetooth Speaker
Whether you are going camping or trying to save space, this 2-in-1 pop-up lantern and Bluetooth speaker is a portable media hub whenever and wherever you need it. Be ready to stream audio from Bluetooth-connected devices, use the built-in microphone to speak to others, or bring light into your life.

DrowseBuster-E Anti-Sleep Gadget 
Do you work long shifts? Are you the driver for cross-country adventures? Or did you accidentally forget your caffeine? With this anti-sleep gadget, instantly stay awake with fatigue relief, energy boosters, acupuncture, alertness aid, and enhanced focus. Pick from a variety of times and cycles to help keep you awake, from fully fluctuating speeds and intensities, 5 selectable message settings, and low-to-high frequencies, this gadget will meet your anti-sleep needs.

Smart Two WayTranslator
Are you ready to travel? Because with this voice translator, you can speak up to 44 languages with two-way translation. The voice is clear, loud, and easy to meet your multilingual translation needs smoothly. Carry this device wherever you go because it is easy to hold and, requires low power consumption while translating in real-time. All you need is to install the “utranslate” or “iTranslator” app on your mobile device and connect via Bluetooth. This instant translator is 99% accurate and can be used to communicate face-to-face solving all your communication.

The Divoom Tivoo Smart Pixel-Art Bluetooth Speaker
This high-quality small-volume bass speaker has a self-programmable LED screen. With the 16×16 pixels screen, create any pixel image or animation with the built-in app. The retro, funky tv shape stands out in your room while also providing social media notifications, a smart alarm clock, thermometer and weather conditions, a schedule planner, 24 professional sleep-aid profiles (to help you get good sleep), traditional pixel games, voice memos and a DJ mixer. Further, the fully functional frontal controls offer a real retro experience, control volume, and audio input.

The Kodak Luma Portable Pocket Projector
Bring your entertainment anywhere with this portable pocket projector! Ranging in projection size from 75”, 150”, or 350” each projector produces bright, vivid video and imaging to watch, stream or present anywhere a wall is available. With its sleek illumination onboard controls and built-in speaker, you can watch media for up to 2.5 hours before a recharge. Bring life to the party or enhance staff meetings with this nifty tool.

Runaway Alarm Clock
Do you have trouble waking up? Are you a little too snooze-happy? If your answer is yes, the runaway alarm clock is the perfect solution. Once someone presses the snooze button for the second time, the clock will roll off your nightstand and wheel around your room, beeping loudly. To silence it, you must chase and then catch the alarm clock. The clock’s directions change daily so you can’t predict its patterns, and once it bumps into something it will continue to change direction. Lastly, this loud alarm clock has customizable snooze times to control when it will spring into action, surely making you never late again.

The Tile Stickers
In today’s world of hustle and bustle, it can be pretty easy to lose track of your wallet, purse, keys, or device. With Tile, they have the perfect, Bluetooth-enabled device handy to make everything findable. Can’t find an item? No problem. Activate the Tile button on your phone to ring when it’s nearby. If your item is truly lost, you can see the last time and place it was updated and activate the Tile community and every phone that has the Tile app can help you find it. Truly this sleek tool makes your finding abilities the best they can be.

The Amazon Smart Plug
The Amazon Smart plug works with Alexa to add voice control to the outlet of your choosing. This tool is struggle-free, tinker-free, and stress-free to keep your life easy and simple. To turn on and off lights, fans, and appliances automatically or to control them remotely, simply plug in, open the Alexa app, and start using your voice. This compact design does not require a smart home hob and is easy to set up routines and schedules anywhere you want.


By Ashtyn Rankin and Ryan Hazzard

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