Get ready to earn your “M.B.A.” with Solomon Ali.

Get ready to earn your “M.B.A.” with Solomon Ali.

Mr. Ali’s new podcast, MBA: Minority Business Access walks minority business owners and entrepreneurs through his tested, effective methods of circumventing what he calls “a slanted financial system towards people of color and other minorities,” to successfully raise funding and scale their businesses.

With over 28 years of business and finance experience, and a deep passion for helping disadvantaged and minority entrepreneurs and business owners bring their ideas and concepts to fruition, Solomon Ali has become a prominent voice in the area of helping businesses and entrepreneurs secure their intellectual property, raise funding, bring products to market and scale businesses. His team of consultants have collectively managed and successfully closed more than 140 mergers and acquisitions. As a corporate executive, He currently consults with profitable businesses to assist them in raising capital to scale their businesses. In addition, Mr. Ali is CEO of NDR Energy Group, one of the largest minority-owned energy companies in the United States; and he is the owner of multiple technology patents licensed exclusively through licensor, EyeTalk 365.

As a corporate executive, Solomon Ali, has served as CEO of the private equity company, Rainco Industries. Mr. Ali has generated $100 million in assets for his various companies and arranged more than $250 million in structured investment capital and financing. Companies established through Solomon’s efforts and expertise across tech and energy sectors have earned more than $118 million in gross sales revenue during this past fiscal year. Mr. Ali has held seats on the board of three African-American owned publicly traded companies as well as simultaneously holding officer positions at these companies. “That is monumental when you consider that out of approximately 8,000 publicly traded companies in the United States, less than twenty of those companies are African-American owned,” asserts Mr. Ali.

According to Solomon Ali, “There has traditionally been a large gap in business funding and business scalability for minority business owners.” He cites African-Americans and other minority groups as having less access to financial information and less access to the right funding that will enable them to scale their businesses and eventually sell or go public, should they choose to. His new podcast focuses on the solutions to change this dynamic.

The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is fraught with challenges, especially with limited capital and resources. In this podcast, host Solomon Ali advises listeners on how to avoid common pitfalls, to stay, and thrive, in business. Business whiz Solomon Ali gives listeners the step-by-step guidance, inspiration, and encouragement to create a viable business plan, raise capital and scale a business.

The MBA: Minority Business Access podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs of color and female entrepreneurs about the proactive steps they’ve taken to successfully fund and scale their businesses. The podcast also includes valuable roundtable conversations and insights from Mr. Ali and his corporate team, detailing how he managed to grow his thriving eight-figure financial portfolio of businesses, and how his expertise and advice applies to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Each episode of MBA: Minority Business Access addresses areas of concern and opportunity for, both, new and established businesses: Corporation Set Up, Employee/Payroll Management, Business Credit and Capital Raises, Taxes and Insurance, Expansion, Increased Working Capital, Investments, Regulatory Issues, Insurance, Private vs Public structure and Exit Strategies for small business owners and their investors.

The MBA Podcast is available for download across all podcast streaming services.

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