Good Dee’s Baking Mix

Good Dee’s Baking Mix

The holiday season is quickly approaching. It’s our favorite time of the year. Not because of presents and travel, but there are cookies, cakes, and pies in the very near future. During the summer months, no one wants to be in the house baking. This is the time of year that we get out, grill, eat light, and avoid long kitchen sessions.

Great taste meets good health in a decadent line of low-carb, sugar-free Good Dee’s baking mixes. Born out of a love for baked goods and a passion for healthy living, Good Dee’s proudly uses only the highest-quality, innovative ingredients to deliver low-carb mixes with all of the flavor and no added sugar. Safe for gluten, soy and dairy-free diets, one woman’s lifelong quest to “have her cake and eat it, too” results in a KETO friendly solution the whole family will gladly devour.

For years, Good Dee’s creator and founder Deana Karim searched high and low for the perfect cookie. A lifelong struggle with weight gain and a family history of diabetes limited Karim to low-fat options, which lacked the full flavor of traditional baked goods while hiding some undesirable ingredients of their own. Unable to find an alternative that could satisfy sweet cravings and help maintain a healthy lifestyle, Karim resolved to create her own.

“I realized that if I kept depriving myself and thinking I was on a diet, I would fail,” explains Karim. “I embraced going low-carb and sugar-free and looked up alternative sweeteners. Through months of trial and error, I made a cookie that, after numerous taste tests, got a giant thumbs up.” With overwhelming approval by eaters of all different diets and lifestyles, Karim knew she had something special. 

After the birth of Karim’s second child, she set to work launching Good Dee’s. The company featured a variety of baking mixes, from brownies to pancakes to cookies. A first-generation Middle Eastern immigrant who grew up watching her father start and run a successful business, Karim immediately took to entrepreneurship. Now with an expanded collection offering everything from cracker biscuit and grain-free cornbread to blondies and chocolate chip cookie one-bag mixes, Good Dee’s proves that a healthy lifestyle and good eats really do mix. 

Shop the full line of mouthwatering grain, wheat, gluten and sugar-free mixes, including all-new coconut and lemon snack cake flavors, just $11.99 each at Also try the nut-free collection of brownies, cakes, and muffins. Learn more about this fast-growing company and its founder, Deana Karim, at Get inspired by innovative recipes and baking ideas to satisfy every craving on Instagram @GoodDeesMix.

The journey to this mix has been really long. I have been on a diet on and off for most of my life. I used to be able to lose weight quickly with lower calorie and gym workouts but just as quickly as I lost the weight, it would come back. After I had my son, I wanted to get healthy. I tried to do my lower calorie diet but this time, it wouldn’t work. I could not shake off my pregnancy pounds. I realized I was looking at it all wrong-it was not about pounds anymore, it was about having a healthy relationship with food and to get to a healthy weight that I could maintain properly. I did not want to lose and gain multiple times and I knew this time had to be different. It was time to get healthy for myself and for my family.

Enter: Low-Carb/High Fat (LCHF) lifestyle. Notice I said lifestyle and not a diet. After some research, I decided to go the low-carb route (which I had success with before) but I needed to try the high fat. Growing up, fat was the enemy! Diabetes also runs in my family and there has always been a fear of that for me. I grew up seeing my mom having to check her blood sugar levels daily and I did not want to have to do the same. I literally used to think fat free was healthier for me so to go from that mentality to freely eating fat was a lot. But 15 months after my son was born, the weight finally came off. I reached my pre-pregnancy weight after 5 months (over 30 lbs lost) and I am happy to report that I am still around that weight (give or take a few pounds) since January 2014. I have a much healthier relationship with food and with that came my cookies! I realized that if I kept depriving myself and thinking it was a diet, I would fail. I embraced going low-carb and sugar-free and looked up alternative sweeteners. Through months of trial and error, I made a cookie that after numerous taste tests with non-LCHF people, got a giant thumbs up. 

This is where my mix comes in! I love to cook and I love to be in the kitchen-except now gone are those sugar-filled, high carb treats. I started taking my cookies to brunches and dinners and the response was overwhelming. I attended a fashion pop up shop and gave out samples-just to make sure it wasn’t in my head that they were delicious. Again, the response was so uplifting that I decided at that moment, I would sell the cookies. The cookies then transformed into the cookie mix and here we are today. I’ve spent a lot of time to make this cookie just right and extremely simple for you to make at home. You add 1/4 cup of oil or melted butter and 1 egg. That’s it! 

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