Humio Humidifier Review.

Humio Humidifier Review.

HumioIf you’re anything like me and some of our staff, you DREAD the winter season. Not for the snow, ice, driving, kids home for snow days, or shoveling what feels like the parking lot at TARGET, but because waking up in the morning with dry skin, congestion, and possibly a nose-bleed are the perfect ways to ruin your morning. Dry atmospheres during the winter months have plagued many of our lives along with pet dander, pollen, and dust. However, the days of pots of water on radiators, humidifiers that boil water (leaving the room as a reminder of Miami in August), or that bulky thing that sits in your parent’s bedroom are over. The staff at Tribest has created a humidifier that leaves the other devices full of hot air.

The Humio Humidifier by Tribest is the ultimate and beautiful solution to dry air. Hum covers up to 100 square feet, consumes less power than a light bulb, and provides up to 10 hours of operation per half gallon tank of distilled water, making it perfect for a single room in any home or office.  Unlike the competitor humidifiers that produce a warm and muggy breath of air, Humio releases a cool mist that can be used all day (also eliminating the risk of burning out when the water is out).  With two levels of humidity (high and low) and no costly filters to replace, Humio is truly unlike any other humidifier on the market.

I have personally tried close to any and everything on the market to do what this humidifier does to no avail. When I set the Humio up in my office and bedroom, I was skeptical. It was a really cool and futuristic looking device but I wasn’t sure if it was going to relive my winter miseries or if it was going to one-day turn upside down and release an alien. After a few days, I was won over.

My favorite aspect of the Humio (besides the fact that I haven’t had a nose bleed all winter is that it doubles as aromatherapy. Equipped with a scent tray and a bottle of Peppermint oil, (which I braggingly will say I still have a half of a bottle left after 2 months of use) You not only feel the difference in the air, you smell the difference. You can add your favorite scents, turning your Humio into your own oxygen bar (just don’t sit over it, inhaling the vapors). Let’s not forget that the color changing tower adds a sense of ambiance and is visually very pleasing and relaxing.

I set the humidifier up for our food editor and as he sat in the room for a few hours during our meeting and typical long-winded night of conversation, food, and laughter, he ended the evening stating that he loved the new humidifier and wanted one of his own. I then placed the Humio in a room with my mom when she visited me for a few days. Typically, her sinuses are the worse part of her morning, but for that week, she woke up to a clear passageway and feeling well rested and ready to start her day. For me, that was the ultimate win.

Whether you are an individual with allergies, a sufferer of dry skin, the owner of a spa, or just someone that wants to add a better breathing environment to a family room, Humio is the perfect addition to your arsenal. To find more information on the Humio Humidifier, please visit:

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