Living on the Edge: Tabitha Ross

Living on the Edge: Tabitha Ross

The Beauty industry is on track to reach a value of $450 Billion by 2027. So for anyone with an idea, a great product, and a little marketing skills, there is a lot of money to be made, but even better there are a lot of lives to impact. Haircare isn’t just about looking great, it’s about feeling great. It’s a conductor of self-confidence, pride, and health. 

Tabitha Ross is a Texas native who understands this wholeheartedly. Her introduction to the industry was like most young black girls…at home, in the kitchen, getting her hair done for church, school, and just leaving the house. That homegrown self-care turned a young lady into a young businesswoman, mixing ingredients in the kitchen to find products that worked for her Black hair. 

She began doing the hair of others and by the time she was in college, she was doing the same amount of heads that beauticians were doing in shops. While having a very successful career, there was a moment when Tabitha realized there was a void in the industry. There was a lack of products that helped black women protect their hair’s edges while also looking natural. At that moment, her new beauty baby was born. 


SUAVV: I think that most people who are good at doing hair become good because you practiced on yourself for so long.

Tabitha: It’s interesting. So I moved, I live in Houston, Texas, I moved from Austin, Texas. In Austin, l everyone’s wearing their natural hair. We’re not doing weaves a lot, or it’s not a lot of makeup. We go out on Sixth Street, we don’t wear heels, it’s none of that. So then I moved to Houston, Texas, and the girls are put together and they’re looking like, what are you doing? Where are your heels? Where are your weaves? So, I figured it out so fast and learn about, you know, sew-ins and quicks and put some heels on. So it was, it was a Houston culture thing.

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