How Athletes Maintain Physical Fitness During a Pandemic

How Athletes Maintain Physical Fitness During a Pandemic

Physical Fitness

Stay mentally connected

Whether we’re working with athletes in the U.S., Ecuador, Thailand or India, we’re used to being around our teammates to keep us motivated. So how do we stay strong through this pandemic? We’ve heard how important it is to invest in a self-care routine so you can give back to other people, and this couldn’t be truer for athletes whose careers and futures are on pause, or any of us who are going through hard times or want to make a positive impact on others.

It’s important to stay connected to your family and friends and remember who you’re staying at home for. Social media can be a huge tool. Online challenges and competitions are also a great reminder that we are in this together, even if we’re stuck at home right now.

To de-stress, many of our athletes are taking a break from the news to focus on positive content to help them cope with uncertainty. Additionally, turning to meditation to calm the nerves is also a great way to get better sleep and continue their routine the following day.  

At the end of each quarantined day, whether you’re an elite athlete or an occasional athlete working out from your living room or your yard, the same rule applies– maintaining your health and physical fitness comes down to the power of combining exercise with good quality nutrition.

By Dana Ryan, PhD, MBA, M.A. – Director, Sport Performance and Education

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