Mighty Morning Joe: Gorilla Coffee

Mighty Morning Joe: Gorilla Coffee

The best way to get your day started is to have a strong cup of Joe. But who, in their right mind, wants to drink a 100-degree cup of caffeine in the middle of the summer. Some of you are raising your hand because you don’t know any better LOL. The Iced Coffee has made its entrance in the spring and will hang around, in popularity, until the end of the summer. When you are home, who has time to make their own iced coffee? Not many of us. Brooklyn-based Gorilla Coffee has put King Kong Back on the Empire State Building.

The Legendary Coffee roaster, launched its very own self-stable, ready-to- drink, pure black, cold brew coffee, in a sexy red and black, recyclable, resealable screw-top, Tetra Pak box that requires no refrigeration. That’s right, if you want cold Coffee, room temperature coffee or you want to pour it into a mug and pop it in the microwave, you can get it all out of this box. You can put Gorilla Coffee in your book bag, purse, briefcase, gym bag (which is great to speed up the metabolism for us gym rats) or put it in your cars cup holder. So instead of waiting in that long line at that place that you have to order your drink in no less than 10 words and spend 9 dollars for a some extra flavoring before whipped cream, pop a few of these in your desk drawer and enjoy. Gorilla Coffee will become your ultimate choice.

GorillaBrewing a blend of Rwanda Kigeyo and Brazil Pedra Roxa coffees, Gorilla gives a strong flavored, yet, smooth textured drink. The pure black coffee drink can be mixed with your choice of creamers, milk, soy milk, sweeteners, to add the flavor and consistency of your own perfection. Personally, some french vanilla creamer and sugar made my first experience a chest beating one.

Swing by any Metro Area Whole Foods, Union Market, or the Gorilla Coffee flagship in Brooklyn. If you can’t make it there, visit www.gorillacoffee.com and find the best way to get your box of Gorilla Coffee.

Don’t worry about stocking up either, Gorilla Coffee will stay fresh for up to 1 year!

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