Mind Right, Body Right: Workout Tips from Kevin Dwayne

Mind Right, Body Right: Workout Tips from Kevin Dwayne

With COVID-19 restricting a lot of our gym workouts a bit and requiring most of us to become creative with our fitness, we decided to sit with trainer, coach, and IFBB Pro-Natural competitor Kevin Dwayne and speak about his fitness journey, gather some tips, and create a plan to start getting our bodies back in shape. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kevin shares his workouts and different moves on his Instagram page where you can follow for a variety of options to give you a little muscle confusion and help get your body revamped. 

SUAVV: How did you first get involved with your fitness lifestyle?

Kevin: It stemmed from me growing up. I recall as I was younger, growing up, seeing my mother active, she would work out at home. She would do a lot of exercises and things of that nature. I saw her activity level and how she took care of herself and her health by constantly moving her body, you know? I think I picked up on that as a kid and as I went to middle school and then definitely into high school, that’s when I really got more involved with it(fitness). She got my first weight bench and from there it just kind of stuck with me to continue working out. I actually worked out at home and created home-style workouts for years prior to actually joining a traditional gym.

SUAVV: That’s a pretty different path into fitness. But we love it. Now, is that where a lot of your movement come from? From watching your workouts, a lot of it looks like you can do them from your home. 

Kevin: No, actually it’s a mix of being so used to doing a lot of homework out for many years. Because again, I didn’t join the gym until 2007. But, in the years prior, it was a lot of home-based workouts. So, as I’ve grown and evolved as a trainer and a coach it’s become a combination of things that are done from a home-based workout to, just picking up other movements and understanding how the body works even more. And even incorporating some of the things I do from practicing yoga, a lot of stretching, things of that nature, and just functional movements of how the body moves. All of that plays a part in me creating the workouts that I create for myself and for my clients.

SUAVV: Okay, perfect. There are so many people who don’t understand the importance of stretching. So, I’m glad you said that. When did you decide that you wanted to actually become a trainer? How did that happen?

Kevin: I started training part-time in 2010 while I was working full-time. But as time went on from 2010, until like 2013, I just wanted to do it more and more. It started with one client and it grew and I continued to build a clientele for a while. Then, I ended up taking a break because I moved from Atlanta to New York for work. Remember, I was still working full time and my background is in education. So I moved to New York, to work for the department of education. But after being there for about a year, I just got to the point and said “you know what, I’m ready for a total life change” and I moved back to Atlanta. I went back to education again for about another year or year and a half. And then at that time, I say, “I want to take it full time, step out on faith, go full-time with training.” And it just took me up until 2016. That’s when I decided to actually step away from my previous career and go full-time to training.

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