MinusCal bars are scrumptious and block the absorption of fat!

MinusCal bars are scrumptious and block the absorption of fat!

MinusCal is a game-changing new player in the health and lifestyle marketplace that features all the energy-boosting benefits of your typical protein bar, while blocking the absorption of extra calories from fat. Their proprietary ingredient Choleve uses all natural fermented tea extracts to block fat, so you can stay on track with your weight loss goals even on your cheat days.

“Scientists were initially using Choleve as a way to lower cholesterol when they noticed it was also helping patients with their weight loss,” explained MinusCal President Barrett Jacques. “We’re excited to have found a natural way to help people see the results they want faster while also providing them with a powerful tool for fighting hunger and fueling their bodies purposefully.”

Reasons to love MinusCal:


9+ grams of hunger-satisfying protein

11+ grams of fiber to keep you feeling fuller, longer

Only 4-6 grams of sugar

Natural, fermented tea extract (Choleve) blocks the absorption of fat in the small intestine

Choleve has also been shown to help lower cholesterol

Use as a meal replacement or as a snack when on-the-go

Available in 3 tantalizing flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Apple Cinnamon

If you’re trying to control cravings, step up your weight loss goals, or simply feel less guilty about that extra slice of birthday cake, MinusCal can help. Let’s chat about your upcoming coverage, I’d love to work together to include MinusCal. And as always, I’d be more than happy to request a media sample for you. Thanks, Katie Rose

MinusCal’s innovative bars are available at www.minuscal.com and will soon be for sale through Amazon.

The business behind the bars: MinusCal is a new contender in the dietary lifestyle marketplace, offering health and weight conscious consumers an all natural way to boost their weight loss goals. MinusCal’s trademark ingredient Choleve blocks the absorption of fat so you can take a little pressure off your diet.

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