Nanny Nods: Daddy Duty

Nanny Nods: Daddy Duty

[tps_header][/tps_header]Being a first-time daddy can be a task. Most of us (fellas) don’t know where to start with taking care of the baby. And that’s fine. We have not been groomed to think about babies. Women on the other hand, have been caring for a baby from the day they came out of the womb. They were given doll babies and strollers and bottles and play diapers. They have been learning how to feed, dress, communicate with a child, and change diapers. Meanwhile, we were outside playing sports, chasing other boys around with fake guns, and pulling the heads off of those much-cherished baby dolls of the girls in our family or the ones that we had a school crush on.

Well, now the game is real. We are adults and stepping into the world of fatherhood. While oblivious to most things baby related, we know that parenting is a joint effort and we want to do our part. So, we teamed up with a few products to help give some of our men a better hand in the Daddy-Verse. While these may be amazing products, know that love and attention are two aspects that a product can never replace. Enjoy and as always, Stay SUAVV.


Sophie teether:

When your baby is going through a teething situation, it’s not fun. As men, we are fixers. We have to know how to fix a problem so that we know where to start applying our solution. With a crying baby, our frustration is that we have no idea what is needed. So, when teething begins, babies are screaming bloody murder. Don’t worry! No more painful teething tantrums with the adorable Sophie la giraffe! Handmade in France with 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade dyes, her special design entices all five of the senses: touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste. From the way she looks to the way she smells (faintly of vanilla), to how easy she is to grab and wave, it’s no surprise Sophie is one of the first toys babies become attached to. Sophie has magical powers to calm, comfort and entertain little ones for hours, making for one happy momma!


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