New Wave of Fitness: Home-Based Trainers

New Wave of Fitness: Home-Based Trainers

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Seven long months into the pandemic, we have settled into our “new normal.” Our life no longer includes going to the gym which has caused a wave of people working out from home.  If you’re wondering if we will want to return to gyms when our normal daily activities resume, many studies have shown that is not the case. Home-based trainers are a new cornerstone of fitness.

According to a Harrison Co. survey, “once guidelines are lifted, consumers will continue to work out at home in numbers far beyond anything we saw prior to the crisis.” Some of the justifications for not wanting to return to gyms include convenience, time, money, and motivation.  Additionally, a study from OnePoll showed that 74% of Americans used at least one fitness app during quarantine, and 60% enjoyed their home workouts so much, they now plan on canceling their gym membership for good.

The reason customers won’t be renewing their memberships is in large part due to the 50% increase in fitness apps and the staggering data like the one by BeachBody that shows nine out of 10 Americans who exercise regularly say they will continue working out at home even after they feel comfortable going back to the gym.  Due to the immersive strategy, fitness apps like have made working out at home fun, stimulating, and easy. The AI-powered technology enables users to feel like they have a trainer in their pocket while working out coupled with the social component as they compete with other users in the class.

One aspect that often gets overlooked when discussing working out at home is the social setting and it is vital for overall health. We tend to focus on content rather than what people are truly craving, a community with human connections. And that’s exactly what people miss about going to the gym. Now that workout-from-home apps can provide the camaraderie of working out with others without the health risk, it’s a win-win. 

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