No Wallets Left Behind: Chipolo

No Wallets Left Behind: Chipolo

If you’re anything like me and the 89% of pollsters from our Instagram question, leaving your wallet at home has been a mishap of yours. Or maybe your wallet is in your house or fell in between the seats of your car and you can’t find it. Well, our friends at Chipolo may become your best friend. 


Utilizing GPS tracking technology, Chipolo has created key tags, remote cards, pet tags, and a wallet card that will all connect to an application on your phone and notify you where they are on a map as well as with an audible alert when activated. Perfect for finding your keys, bag, and backpack in seconds. 

Chipolo can work as a wireless selfie stick too. While I have a wicked selfie arm’s length, sometimes, you want to get a little more background in the photo. You can take the photo from as far as 200 feet (60 m) away, it works as long as your Chipolo stays connected! It’s perfect for group photos and this way, nobody will be missing from your photos because they had to take the pic.

Just position your phone to capture the scene, open the Chipolo app, and select the Chipolo you want to take the photo with. On the next screen, tap the menu in the top right corner and tap Take Selfie. Now, just strike a pose and double-click your Chipolo to take the photo.


One of my favorite features is that this also works in reverse. Double press a button on one of your tags and it will sound the alarm on your cell phone which was probably also misplaced. When you walk out of the house with your cell phone in hand, and your wallet on your coffee table, your phone will set off an alert notifying you that you’ve left something behind.

Chipolo continues to grow by partnering with other manufactures to give you tracking abilities with your favorite items. Ultimately, you can pair as many tags as you like and can also share tag access with others who have the Chipolo app. Trust me, this is one of the best things that I have had the pleasure of testing out. 

Just think, no more posters for your lost cat, Mr. Fluffles. No more panic when your phone slides between the cushions of your couch while you’re napping. And no more leaving your kid’s favorite teddy bear on the counter of Marshalls. 

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