Stephanie Rofkahr Talks About Self-Care

Stephanie Rofkahr Talks About Self-Care

When we get busy, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Practicing self-care can have fantastic benefits for your mental health, emotional, and physical health. Certified personal trainer and nutritionist Stephanie Rofkahr is all about having great health and wellness and teaching it to others. She knows it is important no matter what to have self-care and now more than ever in her life the importance of having maintenance and self-care. She’s learned an important lesson: If you do not care for yourself, you cannot care for others. 

To be able to care for your family, you also have to take care of yourself in terms of self care. How did the experience of your son’s near drowning accident affect you?

It dramatically affected my health. It’s very hard to say when taking care of your son to say “excuse me while I go and work out.” But as he healed, I knew I would either have to wake up before him or have my husband take care of him while I did some self-care including where I could work out to release my natural endorphins. Once I started allowing some time along to myself including to be grateful for how my son was healing from his near-drowning accident and then to be present for my family really helped.

How did this experience teach you about self care?

It taught me so many lessons of how if I take time for myself that I am a better mom and person. It made me realize after going in a deep depression after my son’s near-drowning accident that I needed to take time each day for myself such as to move my body, do some exercises to release my natural endorphins, to get a massage or anything just for a few hours to give me an outlet. There is nothing wrong with taking an hour or so for you. We are better for it.

What are some ways we can take better care of ourselves when it comes to self care?

Just doing small things is self-care such as taking a walk outside, yoga, getting a massage, or reading a book. You are worth the time to yourself and I highly suggest doing some exercise just by moving your body because it really does turn your day around for the better. You mentally and physically feel invigorated and that is important for your overall wellness. 

Stephanie Rofkahr is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She’s inspiring people to eat better, exercise and live healthier. Stephanie Rofkahr is featured in national media and in TV.

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