What’s the Tea: Tea Drunk and the Education Tea Club

What’s the Tea: Tea Drunk and the Education Tea Club

The tea? Happy New Year! Aren’t we all ready to say “good riddance 2020”?

January 1st is the day we choose to let go of the old, reset, and start new habits! Why not start the year off with a habit that is warm, cozy, and delicious! Tea Drunk, who happens to be the producer of some of the world’s most prized teas, is offering an Educational Tea Club, for you to learn about the origins and production of each of their chosen teas of the year, while also getting to taste them! Get ready to be the best gift-giver ever, no matter if you’re gifting it to yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Tea Drunk was created by a first-generation immigrant from China who was eager to share her heritage with her fellow New Yorkers. Due to the pandemic, however, she had to move her tastings in the tea house to a virtual space, which is what sparked the idea for the Educational Tea Club. Despite having had to move to a virtual space, Tea Drunk has continued to grow exponentially, bringing people together from all over thanks to their Tea Club, and even catching the attention of many avid tea drinkers in Mexico. 

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It goes without saying that the Tea Drunk team strives to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible during their Educational Tea Club lessons, which is why they are now offering virtual informational classes in both English and Spanish, in an effort to bring a sense of community through tea, despite language barriers and travel bans.

Every Spring, Shunan spends 3 months in China’s deepest mountains working alongside heritage farmers to ensure the highest quality in their teas. However, this year’s travel bans made it impossible for them to physically meet, so they held Zoom calls and learned about which teas are taking the lead this year instead. 

As a subscriber of Tea Drunk’s Tea Club, you will be sent two samples of two types of tea each month, or occasionally a single sample of their rarest and most expensive tea. You will also be invited to join exclusive tea tastings on Zoom with Tea Drunk’s founder Shunan Teng (the educator for the TED-Ed lesson on the History of Tea, who has spoken on the subject matter at various institutions including Yale University, World Tea Expo, and Stony Brook University). These tastings will teach you about each specific tea that was sent to you that month, as well as how to brew it. And don’t worry if you’re not able to join the Zoom tastings, because they will always be recorded, so that you can watch them at your convenience.

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Tea Club is a welcome escape from your daily routine and allows your imagination to travel to a different country – no passport required! You will be introduced to what will become your new favorite healthy ritual! The level of fulfillment Tea Drunk offers is unmatched, given the fact that it allows you to travel through your tastebuds by delivering tea to your doorstep on a monthly basis offering virtual tea tastings and educational learning sessions with the most knowledgeable person on the topic, the founder of Tea Drunk, Shunan Teng.

About Tea Drunk: Based and founded in NYC in 2013, Tea Drunk is on a mission to break all stereotypes in tea and open access in the West to the highest level of Chinese teas. Tea Drunk is the destination for those seeking exceptional tea and tea knowledge. At $369/ ounce, these are not any typical “fine teas”. These are historical teas cared by heritage farmers for generations. Shunan Teng- the founder of Tea Drunk, travels to historic tea mountains in China every year to harvest and make tea alongside the heritage farmers.

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