SUAVV Advertising

SUAVV Magazine recognizes the importance of a mentally, physically, socially and spiritually balanced life. SUAVV brings all of that to its readers and more. As a lifestyle magazine, SUAVV’s purpose is to make every reader feel important and able to relate to our content. SUAVV intends to entertain, inform and persuade constructive thought. The reader’s voice and opinion are integral to our purpose. SUAVV will always strive to bring the most compelling editorials. Profiles will be intriguing, entertaining, and influential with a voice that will resonate throughout the journalistic community.

The goal is to reach as many Black people as possible—and not just men. Because SUAVV is primarily for Black men, we also believe that everyone of every race, gender, and age will be able to benefit from our content which may not only change or expand the readers’ viewpoints and opinions, but maybe even their lives. Slated to be the biggest Black men’s magazine of our time, SUAVV may be a lifestyle magazine today, but it will be a way of life tomorrow.

The SUAVV Man is confident and sophisticated with an affable charm. He enjoys life, for all its complexities and pleasures. He is as respectable as he is smooth and is a leader to those around him. The SUAVV Man wants to look good and feel good about who he is while carrying himself with pride. 

SUAVV Magazine was started to offer Black men something other magazines for men don’t—reality. Our mission is to encourage readers to aspire to do and be bigger things. SUAVV readers should feel motivated and inspired to make changes, not only in themselves but also in the world around them. We want our readers to be able to achieve everything the mind can possibly imagine.