7 Signs That You’re Disconnected from the Earth…and 7 Ways to Reconnect This Earth Day

7 Signs That You’re Disconnected from the Earth…and 7 Ways to Reconnect This Earth Day

Most of us are totally removed from nature. No wonder we take our planet for granted and suffer the spiritual, emotional, and physical consequences of this detachment. Just in time for Earth Day, Andrea Menard shares the strategies for rebuilding the vital connection we need.

It’s no secret we are all rushed, overcommitted, and stressed out. But what we might not realize is how our busy lives disconnect us from the natural world. Andrea Menard, an Indigenous thought leader of Métis heritage,  says this disconnection is not only derailing our well-being, but it’s also harming the very planet that keeps us alive. Earth Day, arriving this year on April 22, is the perfect time to reassess the way we interact with our planet and start new habits to help ensure that She thrives.

          “When we build a deeper connection to Mother Earth, we become highly attuned to the fragile and perfectly balanced design of nature,” says Menard, author of Seeds from the Sacred Feminine: A 52-Card Wisdom Deck with Handbook (Mango Publishing, May 2023, ISBN: 978-1-64250-956-4, $24.99). “Two things happen: One, we recognize that we desperately need the gifts the Earth offers for our own well-being, and two, we realize it’s up to us to honor and protect Her. Upon understanding that we are stewards of the Earth, we automatically think twice about doing things that may harm it.”

          Do you need to rehab your connection to Mother Earth? See if any of these red flags apply:

  • You spend most of your time indoors.
  • Your home is devoid of greenery.
  • You rarely touch the grass, sand, or soil.
  • You have trouble staying in the present moment.
  • The food you consume is mostly processed or comes from the junk food aisle.
  • You buy lots of single-use products like disposable plates, cups, cutlery, and plastic bags.
  • You don’t get enough physical exercise outdoors and/or you drive everywhere you go.

          If some (or many) of these warning signs sound familiar, don’t worry. Menard says we can change our relationship to the Earth and transform our lives in the process. Part of the journey is recognizing that we are all so steeped in masculine energy (manifesting in traits like assertiveness, competitiveness, risk-taking, etc.) that we have lost touch with the feminine wisdom that keeps us connected to the Earth. Menard’s new wisdom cards and handbook can help us reconnect with that wisdom and realign ourselves with what’s best for the planet.

          The Seeds from the Sacred Feminine wisdom cards and handbook offer gentle reminders on how to connect to your feminine spirit and find your way back to your center. They channel the wisdom of the Grandmothers, gentle feminine teachers in the spiritual realm who are respected by Indigenous cultures all over the world. The messages in this deck give you direct insight and offer simple guidance to rearrange your life in a more harmonious manner.

          There are several ways to use the 52-card wisdom deck. For example, you can select one card and ask for clarity on a specific situation. Or you can choose four cards (each card representing one of the four sacred bodies) and absorb the messages or teachings they bring. You can also simply choose a card and ask for a seed of daily wisdom. Upon receiving any thoughts, intuitions, or messages from the cards themselves, you can read the corresponding message in the Seeds from the Sacred Feminine booklet. Adorned with beautifully painted imagery by Leah Marie Dorion, the cards, paired with the handbook, provide all the tools you need to learn how to enter the realm of the Sacred Feminine, walk in a sacred way, and live in harmony with the rest of Creation. For more information about the cards, please visit https://andreamenard.com/cards.                 

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