Quarantined With Your Partner? 3 Common Relationship Struggles to Watch-out For.

Quarantined With Your Partner? 3 Common Relationship Struggles to Watch-out For.

“Through many years of helping couples and studying the nature of relationships,” Jessica explains, “I’ve seen my fair share of relationship struggles. And let me tell you, no one’s relationship is perfect. Here are the three most common issues I see repeatedly with the couples I counsel. If any of these describe what you’re currently going through or have gone through, rest assured that they are a normal part of any relationship.”

1. In-laws: I see this issue with one out of every four couples I counsel. It can be the overbearing mother who cannot let her son grow up, or the stubborn father who never seems to think anyone is good enough for his daughter. But the most common theme I see is one partner doesn’t feel supported by the other partner when that partner has poor boundaries with their parents.

If your parents tend to be over-involved in your life, there’s a good chance that it will end up showing up in your relationship. It’s crucial to have healthy boundaries with your parents, especially if you plan on entering or maintaining a serious relationship.

2. Money: It’s likely that both you and your partner had your own separate relationships with money before you met each other. There’s also a strong possibility that you each had different views on what was prudent to spend money on. Money isn’t always about money; it can also represent what you invest in the relationship. Do you both invest in your own way to the point where it feels like you’re a team? Even if the dollar amount contributed isn’t the same, it should feel on many levels like the relationship is a mutual investment. No relationship is 50/50 — not even when it comes to money — but there should feel like a balance between two partners on how much they invest in the relationship personally and financially.

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