CBD Facial at Aesthetic Allure

CBD Facial at Aesthetic Allure

As a beauty junkie/enthusiast, I was thoroughly excited to experience a CBD facial. As of lately, CBD has become very popular in skincare but I had not yet heard or read much about the oil being used in a facial routine.

In case you live under a rock and have not heard of the benefits of CBD oil, I’ll list a few:

  • contains anti-aging properties 
  • anti-inflammatory 
  • pain reliever
  • helps with anxiety disorders
  • lowers productions of sebum which in turn helps with the production of acne 
  • aids in mild relaxation when taken orally 

There are many benefits but I was most interested in how it differed from other oils used in facials. Aesthetic Allure in Brooklyn, New York partnered with the CBD Skincare Company to create a unique CBD facial. This exclusive CBD facial is only offered at Aesthetic Allure. My aesthetician Christina was wonderful at answering all of my questions about the different steps of the CBD facial.

The CBD facial starts like most with a double cleanse, steam and exfoliation. We skipped the HydraFacial MD as I’m currently on a chemical exfoliant so she briefly did a manual exfoliation to rid my skin of surface debris. The exfoliant used contains CBD oil and is gentle enough for even those who suffer from rosacea.

I requested extractions since I forwent the HydraFacial MD. Christina did a great job ensuring I was comfortable during the process.

My favorite part of the CBD facial was the CBD anti-aging mask and LED light therapy. She tailored the color to my skincare concerns so we used the purple light. After the mask is removed, your skin is toned and a CBD oil mixture is used to moisturize your skin. The oil itself is non-greasy though it definitely has that earthy smell we come to expect.

Would I get the CBD facial at Aesthetic Allure again? Absolutely. It’s well worth the price and all skin types would benefit from it, especially sensitive skin. My face looked more hydrated and had almost no redness from the extractions which is a huge plus. 

For more information on Aesthetic Allure, visit www.aestheticallure.com

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