Check Out: Reel Fishing with Upstream TV Show

Check Out: Reel Fishing with Upstream TV Show

We enjoy watching great TV shows. We especially enjoy watching the “Reel Fishing with Upstream” TV show. It is a must-see type of show for all ages. “Reel Fishing with Upstream” TV hosts Gerard Robinson and Charles Bush fish, dine, stay, and visit the best places across the U.S. It is an exciting show to watch!  

“The “Reel Fishing with Upstream” TV show second season on the Sportsman Channel showcases beautiful locations to visit, fish, and dine. It is a fun TV show that also features friends, celebrities, and charities during their travels. “Reel Fishing with Upstream” TV show will become your favorite go-to show to watch.

“Reel Fishing with Upstream” follows two passionate fishermen host Gerard Robinson and co-host Charles Bush and numerous guests from celebrities, kids and friends sharing their love for fishing. It features some fun, fishing competition featured by the host and co-host and guests and explores beautiful fishing locales in the U.S. Many episodes feature children from local communities and celebrities’ favorite charities. It showcases all aspects of fishing, reaching all ages and an appreciation for nature and the great outdoors. “Real Fishing with Upstream” is produced by Upstream Productions.

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