Countdown to Love: Speed Dating

Countdown to Love: Speed Dating


Speed dating, although an old concept, is still on the rise and pushing hard to gain fame across the country. The cost is rather high depending on which organization is putting the event together. It will be somewhere around 25 to 35 dollars to meet between 10 to 20 new interesting people. Typically, drink prices are also spiked up for the event. Most bar owners believe the need for a drink is very much desired, especially when you raise the anxiety level of 40 or so unacquainted men and women. The ultimate question remains, “Is speed dating a good thing?” Allow me to conduct you through this process.

Fellas, most of us venture out most nights in search of our favorite woman, the ideal woman, or maybe even just a jump off. Unlike women, we typically don’t go out just to have fun and dance to the music. When we are out on the prowl so to speak, what we hope to be a successful evening doesn’t necessarily weigh out the difference between obtaining our goal and the cost of it all. The mathematical computation is the least of our worries. Our mind is focused on what we are trying to accomplish… meet as many beautiful women as we can and sort them out later.

Think of it this way if you will. The purpose of the night is to gain more and spend less, am I right? If you agree then keep reading. The angle of speed dating is to get you in the mind of 20 extra women in no more than twenty minutes. Perfect situation for a single man, right? Okay, now weigh in the cost at $30 roughly for admission and the cost of one drink which is yours. This is recession dating 101, lol!

The idea of introducing yourself and offering to buy her a drink is obsolete. Why? Because the process has excused you from this unnecessary offer, you don’t have enough time. For the most part, you have spent a total of $40 and meet twenty or more new women looking to meet you. This is greater than meeting twenty women buying twenty drinks and talking for two or more hours. One could look at speed dating as the new pregame party.

Now, let’s get out of the financial arena and into the wasted time. If you have 3-5 minutes to see if a person is interesting, you can ask all of the needed questions to get a feel for her personality. There’s no need to text a friend to have them come save you. In a very short period of time, with asking the right questions, of course, you know if you should stay or if you should run. It’s the quickest way to avoid beating around the bush. Now the goal is to not talk about yourself for 3-5 minutes. You want to find out as much information as possible. Let her talk, and take it all in. However, in order to get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions.

The very best way to start your night just may be by speed dating then off to your normal hangout. This could be looked at as breaking the ice even for you, practice so to speak. I am starting to notice speed dating signs in every party district of every city. Our next post will be about asking the 5 questions that should dictate your dating compatibility. For all the single SUAVV fellas reading this, check it out then send in your experience to us. We would love to read them.

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