For the Love of Jason cast members discuss Season 2 of the ALLBLK series

For the Love of Jason cast members discuss Season 2 of the ALLBLK series

The dramedy series For the Love of Jason is back once again. The show explores the dynamics of a single, African-American male in his 30s navigating friendships and dating. Spiling the tea on the new season are castmates Trell Woodberry (Jason) and Kareem Grimes (Erick) of the series.

Coming off of season one, the cast has high expectations for a season two . Part of the shows magic is la due to the superb casting with stars Trell Woodberry (Jason), B.J. Britt (Bryan), Laila Odom (Lacy), and Kareem Grimes

” When we look at our great shows it’s because we fall in love with the characters. We fall in love with their chemistry, we really believe that they are friends. They have this energy that is just infectious. Growing up I watched shows like Martin, A Different World and Friends, shows where you saw those groups of close knit friends. Coming in to this show (For the Love of Jason), I couldn’t have asked for a better cast. It felt like it was God sent how every one of them came into their characters.”

Trell Woodberry

For the Love of Jason season one offered more of an introduction to some of our favorite characters but season 2 will give more backstory into who each of them are. With that ,some major questions are answered. Like why Jason (Woodberry) has commitment issues? Or why Erick (Grimes )feels he needs to look outside his marriage for fulfillment?

Additionally, friendships are tested in the new season, giving the audience a chance to see characters in a different light. According to Grimes (Erick), one of the more important story lines in this season is the transition his character Erick undergoes. His view of marriage and the way he handles those conflicting emotions. This will converge on Jason’s (Woodberry) friendship with Erick (Grimes) causing a slight turn in their relationship dynamic. Jason (Woodberry) is also learning to adjust to the idea of fatherhood amidst dating and co-parenting. While Bryan (Britt) is comical as always providing relief from some of the more serious topics.

Genuine, raw, and relatable, For the Love of Jason, touches on a number of relevant topics ranging from mental health, fatherhood, and marriage. The writers and cast do a great job of removing some of the stereotypes associated with male relationships and bonding.

For example, the opening scene in the new season’s trailer. Here you have three black males bonding in a nursery versus the typical stereotype of them being a strip club. According to Woodberry, scenes with non-traditional male bonding like these aren’t normally seen on TV. The versatility and framing of the new season is something Woodberry hopes fans of the series welcome.

Season 2 of For the Love of Jason premiered June 2 , new episodes air weekly, every Thursday on ALLBLK.

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