Growing Up Grown-ish: Grant Hall

Growing Up Grown-ish: Grant Hall

An athlete from a young age, Grant Hall was an entertainer for as long as he could remember. Being raised in a family of prominent athletes never really motivated Grant to look into entertainment as a career until he suddenly found himself selected during his freshman year in college in his theater appreciation class. A moment that felt like extreme fruition and somehow a lifelong unknown dream realized, Grant suddenly found himself taking part in on-campus improv and theater clubs while enrolling in various film acting classes. With a newfound purpose in life, Hall didn’t hesitate to sign with his first manager and, soon thereafter, made his move to LA – Marking the best move in his career.

Grant would be the first to tell you that this path is not easy or for the faint at heart. He took on a lot of rejection, a lot of adversity, and a lot of growth. He learned that his talent is not the only qualification for securing a role. There are numerous factors that are in place when auditioning for a role. He would find this out on the spot. After some successes, he hit the landing role that would put his face on the map and on billboards from coast to coast.

Fans of the Black-ish spin-off series Grown-ish can currently recognize Grant from Freeform’s hit series’ fifth season. After Zoey (Yara Shahidi) graduates from Cal U, the series continues with Junior (Marcus Scribner) as the main character. Learning how to tackle college obstacles for himself, Junior quickly learns how easy it is to fall on someone’s bad side as he makes an enemy with Cal U’s wealthiest high society, Crest, and one of their most prominent members, Kyle, portrayed by Grant. Fans of the sitcom series can watch new episodes air on Freeform on Wednesday nights at 10:30/9:30c and stream on Hulu.

Before his small screen debut, Grant cut his teeth on web series like Tough Love and Tough Love: Los Angeles, as well as independent shorts such as 2 Eye Drops from Normal, to name a few. Sticking to his independent film roots, Grant can next be seen as the lead in independent film, Trigger. Set to portray Daniel, the film follows Hall as he comes face to face with his father’s murder. Struggling to let go of the close bond they once shared, Daniel is led down a dark road where mayhem soon follows – The film will be streaming on Tubi in 2023. Keeping to the small screen, Hall can next be seen in the upcoming television series Cocaine Sister.

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