Have We Become a Nation of Bullies?

Have We Become a Nation of Bullies?

          With her simple, doable framework for uplifting ourselves, boosting our mental health, and practicing unity, Parke hopes to get everyone focused on the same branded behavior each month—just like we all focus on holidays together. The idea is that the sheer force of all that concentrated positive energy sparks a unifying kindness revolution that rises from the ground up and sweeps the nation.

Yet, until that happens, we can leverage the power of The Habits of Unity on a personal level by forming one good habit per month:

January: Help Others

February: You Count 

March: Resolve Conflicts

April: Take Care of Our Environment

May: Be Grateful

June: Reach Higher

July: Become Involved

August: Know Who You Are

September: Do Your Best

October: Be Patient and Listen

November: Show a Positive Attitude

December: Celebrate Community, Family, and Friends

            Those who’ve tried it say the plan is easy to put into practice. It feels good, so you’ll want to keep doing it. And you’ll probably find when your behavior shifts from nastiness to positivity, your interactions become less contentious and your relationships improve.

            “When we each commit, all together, to eliminating our own bullying behaviors, human nature will begin to evolve into ‘humane’ nature,” says Parke. “Our country needs all of us to move beyond persecution and name-calling, and focus on listening, understanding, and cooperating with one another as much as possible.

            “And as for social media,” she adds, “let’s make it a space that fosters healing instead of harassment.”

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