Jaywall Drop New Music and Video “HIM”: Music Review

Jaywall Drop New Music and Video “HIM”: Music Review

The new up-and-coming artist Jaywall has recently released a song called “HIM”.  Now to be honest I am not normally a fan of trap music at all. I think it’s too aggressive and too out there for me personally. Don’t get me wrong I like rap music but not hard cord “trap” music. Even though I would categorize this song into the trap music category I actually enjoy this song. It’s very laid back. I can picture myself boppin’ to this song without having to do too much.

The one thing I really enjoy about this song is the beat. That is what caught my attention at first. The beat wasn’t screaming at me to try and get my attention. I was already intrigued because I wasn’t expecting the song to sound how it did. The beat is smooth and has enough tempo to make you want to do the two-step. I would recommend this song to someone who is just looking for a chill song to vibe to. Nothing too overly hyped-uped and in your face.

This song reminds me of a beginning party starter, something to start the mood. Another thing I like about the song is that it’s slow. I have a lot more slow songs in my playlist than fast upbeat ones. Don’t get me wrong I like the fast upbeat songs but I love to listen to songs I can sing my lungs out as well. Or rap in this case.  I usually have a hard time listening to new artists and new songs but this song I was able to get into. If you like slow rap, this song is for you.

Sometimes the mood isn’t always set for loud rap music but there is a mood for slow rap that can still make you feel like you’re in a music video.  I know very few trap songs and now this one I can add to the list. This is more my speed.

Try checking out the song for yourself and see if you can get down with the new wave of trap music. You just might like it. It’s definitely a different pace, but you might like the slower pace that this artist is taking his song.

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