R&B Sensation, MARIO, Serenaded Atlanta at Urban One’s Real Talk Drives Real Change Tour

R&B Sensation, MARIO, Serenaded Atlanta at Urban One’s Real Talk Drives Real Change Tour

On Sunday, July 24th, pop culture and political commentator Mike Muse was joined by the likes of Nse Ufot, Chief Executive Officer of the New Georgia Project; Mysonne the General, Hip-Hop Artist, and Criminal Justice Reform Activist; and Civil Rights Attorney, Lee Merritt. Panelists discussed policy and justice reform while breaking down the power of using one’s platform to raise awareness and drive the importance of local voting and elections. The panel discussion concluded with a legendary performance from R&B singer, Mario.

Urban One and Chevrolet continue their partnership, using their resources and platforms to create positive social and economic impact within Black communities across America. The second year of partnership creates space for conversation to be both held and heard to enable actionable change resulting in true progress. One Solution, the award-winning division of Urban One, and Chevrolet launch a new cross-platform campaign, Real Talk Drives Real Change, bringing imperative conversations to the forefront with a four-market tour.

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Pop culture and political commentator Mike Muse will host the multi-market Real Talk Drives Real Change tour, which brings conversations on racial disparities to the forefront. Muse will address issues that disproportionately impact people of color and provide listeners with real-life tools to inspire positive change in their world. The four-market tour will rotate high-profile guests, thought leaders, and cultural icons discussing zeitgeist-shaping moments within Black culture, from historical and modern racial tensions to academic and corporate achievements in the business sector. The live tour of panel discussions will be free ticketed to the public and will also be streamed on Change.NewsOne.com.

Real Talk Drives Real Change’s remaining tour dates and themes are as follows:

• Panel #3: August 28 (Philadelphia)

o Theme: Mental Health & Wellness

• Panel #4: September 25 (Houston)

o Theme: Financial Freedom

Stream the panel discussions and performances HERE.


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