My Word: Gizelle Bryant

My Word: Gizelle Bryant

The breakout star of the newest installment of BRAVO’S Real Housewives franchise, “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Gizelle Bryant can now add “best selling author” to her resume. Her debut novel MY WORD(Brown Girls Books, $16.99), a fictionalized version of her rise and “fall” as the wife and partner of one of the most influential and controversial megachurch pastors in her first novel, was released on April 30, 2019 and shot to the top of the Amazon’s best sellers list that same day! The novel gives a rare glimpse into what actually happens behind the pulpit in an enormously successful megachurch and coupling a story of women’s empowerment with Christian encouragement, MY WORD is captivating readers.

Gizelle was well-known in certain circles for years—but that went to a whole new level once she became the wife of megachurch Pastor Jamal Bryant. Unfortunately, Gizelle’s relationship fell victim to her husband’s infidelity, and her marriage ended abruptly after eight years. Even worse, because she chose her own happiness over protecting her ex-husband’s image, Gizelle was cast out of the church community she helped build. Forced to start fresh, Gizelle turned trial into triumph, going back to the place she always knew as home – Potomac, Maryland – to become a household name as the fiery, no-nonsense star whose personality drives more than 2.5 million viewers to Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) each week.

“I am thrilled that viewers are able to connect with me through RHOP, but this book will allow them to go deeper and discover what makes me the woman I am in. It’s loosely based on my dramatic, happy, fun, sad, crazy life. I chose to do fiction because you know I like to keep people guessing – so just what is fact and what is fiction, will be up for the reader to decide!” Gizelle said.

Gizelle is the proud co-founder and owner of EveryHue Beauty, a skincare line geared toward women of color. She is very passionate about everyone living in their own beauty from the inside out. The television personality is a recurring cast member of the “Real Housewives of Potomac,” a reality series that follows the lives of women and currently airs on Bravo. Gizelle has a heart for philanthropy and activism while always embracing her entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, she presides over numerous endeavors geared toward improving the lives of women and children. Whether it’s volunteering at a nursing facility, children’s hospital or at the Healthy Babies Organization, helping others is what matters most to her. While Gizelle is very committed to everything that she puts her mind to, her greatest gift and passion is being a mother to her three beautiful daughters, Grace, Angel and Adore.

MY WORD was released April 30, 2019, and is available now in all formats, including audio, wherever books are sold.

After marrying her college sweetheart, Ginger Williams gave up her own professional dreams to help her husband follow his dream of building a megachurch. It’s not long before Ginger and her husband, Jeremy, turn a small D.C. church into a burgeoning empire….catapulting the couple into a popular powerhouse. But with a bigger spotlight comes more temptation…and the power is corrupting Jeremy in ways Ginger never imagined. When she seeks the advice of her peers on the First Ladies’ Council, she’s shocked when they tell her to accept Jeremy’s infidelities so she doesn’t damage the church and affect the many business opportunities coming their way. With every part of her life—family faith, and finances—hanging in the balance, Ginger must decide if she will continue to live in the shadow of the sins of her husband…or face life on the other side of the pulpit.

Sounds a bit familiar….right?

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