PetDays: Instagram for Your Pets

PetDays: Instagram for Your Pets

My dog, Myles Davis Davenport, has his own Instagram page and hashtag. When I realized that I had become the pet parent that I used to laugh at and how far I took this, I stopped using the Instagram page but kept up with the hashtag #MylesDavisDavenport. While snapchat, Instagram, and facebook have become the complete occupiers of everyday life, our pets are either left to either share our feed, develop their own pages, or not be seen. Therefore, most of our pets are plastered throughout our timelines with hashtags because we love them.

PetDays was built around insights offered by real pet parents who wanted more ways to make and keep memories of their time with their pets. A pet’s life moves fast, so the team created more than 300 prompts to make sure that you never miss a single “first.” These creative and innovative prompts set PetDays apart; they send inspiring notifications directly to your mobile device so that you can capture the fun and interesting aspects of your pets that you’ll want to remember forever. PetDays doesn’t just help you record moments; it also helps create new ones.

“Ask any pet parent about their pet, and you’ll see their face light up with pride or joy or amusement or love,” PetDays Marketing Director Elizabeth Paolini says. “There’s no question pets are like our furry kids. Much like parents of infants keep baby books, we wanted to provide tangible and digital ways to capture the hilarious and amazing aspects of our pets.”

All you have to do is take a quick snapshot with your mobile device, and with the integrated Pet Shop, you can make personalized books, gifts, magnets and more. With the included unique themes and designs, you are limited only by your own creativity in ways to show off your pet. Not only that, you can share your favorite pet moments with other pet parents right in the built-in PetDays social feed. You can also choose to share beautifully designed prompt images to your own social feeds like Facebook and Twitter.

PetDays is available for free on iPhone and iPod Touch, iOS 8 and higher.

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