From Expert to TV Personality: William Leslie IV

From Expert to TV Personality: William Leslie IV

Here at SUAVV magazine, we feature incredible people who are making a difference in our world. William Leslie IV, Co-Founder and President of Red Ace Organics and the company is more than just a brand providing innovative products, they are making a positive impact in people’s lives and well being as well as building a community of loyalists who are fans of the brand including athletes, professionals, weekend warriors, and health-conscious consumers.  

Red Ace Organics has a range of nitric oxide potent organic beet juice shots and beet juice powder that are great tasting and are good for you. With their proprietary formulations of Beet Performance, Beets & Turmeric, and Beets & Greens to their 100% Beet Juice Powder makes it a quick and easy solution for incorporating antioxidants and nutrients into one’s diet. Besides having exceptional taste and delivery, the beverages are packed with nutritional ingredients and have many benefits including long-lasting energy, aids in supporting healthy blood pressure, is low glycemic, and increases athletic performance, and many others. 

William Leslie IV has been featured in media and TV interviews for his expertise including as a regular contributor with ABC TV, NBC TV, and CBS TV to name a few. We recently had the opportunity to interview William Leslie IV on Red Ace Organics, a new line of sparkling water beverages, and much more.

Red Ace Organics is a successful brand, how does that make you feel?

Hmm, that’s an interesting question, I don’t have satisfied or complete. First, the brand isn’t a household name, yet, and while it is successful with a very passionate base of customers, I feel the best is yet to come in product innovation. 

What does being the co-founder and president of Red Ace Organics mean to you?

On the surface they mean nothing, those are titles. What matters is why we do this, the entire idea is to make a difference and if we could earn a dollar while doing that then all the better. We’re driven by the passion to make an impact for the entire family in the USA and across the globe. 

Who or what has shaped who you are?

My mother. My mother is the one who has made all of this possible especially as we move into the new and next chapters of the Red Ace Organics story. My mother was a champion from day one, having put together the first packages to Whole Foods in Austin and each of their regional offices back in 2012. And when I would do demos inside Whole Foods back in the early days, mom would walk the store and ask customers if they had tried Red Ace Organics. And then she’d personally walk each customer over to my booth and say, “Red Ace will change your life.” That’s what a mother does, we lost her this past January 2021. 

What do you enjoy best being at Red Ace Organics?

Customer feedback. They will reach out and share all the reasons why they love the brand, how the products affect their training and performance. And the icing on the cake is when parents (most often mothers but a few fathers too) will comment “my child swears by Red Ace Organics and demands I keep the pantry stocked up.” Now that gives me goosebumps. 

Red Ace Organics will be launching a product line in the sparkling water category soon. Tell us about it?

First, the taste is amazing, clean, and refreshing and there is no added sugar. Our sparkling water is another quick and easy way to acquire all the health and nutritional benefits of the superfood for the healthiest immunity. World’s first functional water backed by science. 

The products at Red Ace Organics are great, where can consumers purchase them at stores and online?

At retail, Red Ace Organics is available at Sprouts and Whole Foods as well as natural product stores across the USA. Red Ace Organics is available online including at:

Red Ace

For our SUAVV readers community for a limited time use the discount code SUAVV to purchase Red Ace Organics products at:

Red Ace Organics has delicious, high-quality beverages that are simple to use, they can be used as-is, and can be used in a variety of ways. Here is what you need:

Beet Performance has more than 3 organic beets per bottle, supports healthy blood pressure, and increases stamina. It facilitates increased oxygen intake, supports cleansing and detoxification as well as supports a healthy libido. It provides natural, long-lasting energy.

Beets & Turmeric has a unique 2 oz. shot with turmeric, organic ginger, and other organic superfoods. It has more than 2 organic beets per bottle, is rich in powerful antioxidants, and supports the liver. It also assists with managing post-exercise inflammation. 

Beets & Greens has a unique 2 oz. shot with organic spinach, organic celery, and organic kale. It has more than 2 organic beets per bottle and has phytonutrients to support skin, hair, bone, heart, and brain health. It supports cardiovascular health. It is rich in powerful antioxidants and supports cleansing and detoxification.
100% Beet Juice Powder is rich in antioxidants, boots stamina, optimizes nitric oxide (No3) potency as well as supports cleansing and detoxification. It aides in cardiovascular health, supports healthy blood pressure, and is low glycemic (great for diabetics). 

Check out this fantastic Red Ace Organics video:

Backed by science and enhanced by breakthrough technology, Red Ace Organics has created a nitric oxide potent organic beet juice shot that banks on the conversion of dietary nitrates into nitric oxide. Each two-once glass bottle of Red Ace contains three organic beets, making it extremely high in natural nitrates, and a quick and easy way to acquire all the performance, health and nutritional benefits of the superfood.

Red Ace Organics is the creator of an all organic concentrated beetroot shots. Every two-ounce glass bottle of Red Ace contains California-grown, organic beets, which are high in natural antioxidants and energy. Red Ace performance shots are a fast and easy way to get safe, effective energy, plus all the nutritional benefits of organic beets. Red Ace is used by athletes, professionals, and weekend warriors around the world.

For more information on Red Ace Organics, follow @redaceorganics on social media and visit:

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