SUAVVspaces: Summer Spruce Up

SUAVVspaces: Summer Spruce Up

The weather has warmed up and your friends have escaped from their homes. If you’re one of the cool kids, it means your house will have some new occupants. Let’s go through a few options that will bring a little of that outdoor happiness through your door. These are a few small items that can help out your space. To have a full home makeover, we suggest consulting a professional. Becuase the last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on design and then have to spend even more money to fix your mistakes.

[tps_title]Comfort Design Mats[/tps_title]

Love play mats, but hate that it doesn’t go with your home décor? Introducing Comfort Design Mats. Versatile and modern, these high-quality mats were created to complement your home décor while keeping kids safe and comfortable. They are constructed with non-toxic and durable spongy foam that give families a gorgeous shared space for play, work, and better living.  Long lasting and high quality, Comfort Design Mats are a must-have for every family. Perfect for parents, pet owners, apartment living and more, these durable mats can fit everyone’s lifestyle.




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