The Barbershop: Misinterpreting Events

The Barbershop: Misinterpreting Events

Many events happen along the way as we journey into our God-ordained purposes. Some of the moments are positive, some, not so much. These events have considerable force, as they can advance us into the desired place, paralyze us from moving forward, or set us back to an undesired position. 

As life unfolds, we must have keen discernment so that when interruptions or delays happen, we don’t fall apart and become emotionally paralyzed and stop our movement toward greater fulfillment and accomplishments. Sometimes it’s hard to experience significant momentum and make great strides, then all of a sudden, something happens that is entirely out of your control. It is critical not to misinterpret that moment. Wise counsel and advisors are crucial at this point. Many times, you simply need help seeing matters from a different perspective. By doing so, you create an opportunity to develop a workaround that will keep you moving toward your goals while remaining emotionally healthy. 

The last three years of my life have been filled with a range of emotions from grief and emptiness after experiencing the loss of my mother due to lung cancer. I experienced the fear of trying to find my new normal without her in the earth and in my life. Usually, I can control my thoughts and emotions. I meditate and pray through them, and often, I’m okay…Not this time. I couldn’t imagine what could possibly heal or satisfy this strange, painful place. I soon discovered that the loss of a parent changes you in very deep and profound ways. In all fairness, I must reveal something about myself. I am a person who has learned to manage my emotions publicly and privately. I have learned how to compartmentalize. In this season of my life, I am not sure if that is good or bad. I was raised by a single mother who was indeed the epitome of strength and character, and a grandfather who taught me everything from the necessity of integrity, how to take a good bath, how to manage money, how to purchase a car, and how to pay bills on time. They taught me how to man my emotions for the greater good. 

After my mother’s passing a funny thing happened. I was lost, confused, and privately struggling with what my new way of life would be. A couple of months later, Saafir Malik, a very dear friend, brother, and mentor, introduced me to Attorney LeTonya Moore, who has become a sister, friend, mentor, business partner, and collaborator.  After connecting, she offered me a chance to co-host a television show she created and hosted. She was rebooting the show to Facebook Live and Amazon Fire TV, and she thought I would be a great fit. That was the birthing of my new normal. As time went on, I started doing the show (Real Perspectives TV Show), I launched an inspirational YouTube channel (Life Matters with Mario Brown), I started a Life Coaching business (Life Matters Life Coaching Services, LLC), and very recently started my own podcast (Empowerment 4 Life with Mario Brown) on The Hindsight Media Network. All of this while still pastoring my church. 

One day, as I sat reflecting on how God had organically arranged my life for a new paradigm, I understood I had initially misunderstood the death of my mother. I didn’t realize that as she was released from pain, discomfort, and suffering, I was being released to pursue all that she trained, prayed, and prepared me to do and be. I realized that now I would have the space to continue to the “next” season of my life, knowing she was in a safe place now.

What I’ve learned is that when life-changing events happen, we have to be able to interpret what we are experiencing accurately. It often includes blessings and answers to prayer. 

All of us, at some point, need someone to help us see our situation through a different lens. Someone who can help us manage our emotions during a difficult time. Never be afraid to ask a trusted confidant to help you sort through your perspective so that you won’t miss a unique opportunity for growth. My friends, life happens. We can’t control certain events. I can say from my own experiences that God can and will show you through every adversity that there is a win for us.

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  1. Thank you for sharing a real situation!!! I appreciate the integrity of emotion and how it was transformational to elevation.

  2. This article was awesome! May God continue to bless you for opening up and blessing others that may be experiencing similar if not the same issues. Be encouraged and let the Lord use you for His glory. Thanks for sharing!

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