Tips to inspire your kids to love reading!

Tips to inspire your kids to love reading!

I tend to find myself reading a book every day. It’s my way of staying knowledgeable in different areas and it’s pretty damn entertaining. However, I have noticed that I don’t really see kids reading. We want to help your kids fall in love with reading. With technology encroaching on every aspect of our everyday lives, it becomes difficult to put down the tablet or remote and enjoy a good book. Try these ten helpful tips to encourage your kids to enjoy reading.


  1. Be an example

Children often copy their parents. If they see their parents always watching television, they will want to do the same. Read while your kids are around, and share how much you enjoy the book.


  1. Swap radio for audiobooks

Head to the library for a kid-friendly audiobook or download one from a listening app, like Audible. Listen to the book while driving to and from afterschool activities. It’s a great way to spark their imaginations; they will get hooked on the story.


  1. Bring books to life

Engage in book-inspired activities. When reading a book that has to do with animals, such as The Three Little Pigs or Fox in Socks, visit the zoo to see the animals you are reading about in person. Are they reading about the ocean? Head to the water. Reading a book about the stars? Head to the planetarium.


  1. Read the book and then watch the movie

Choose a book that was adapted into a film. Read it together, and when you are finished, have a family movie night.


  1. Create a themed-book nook

Turn your child’s reading space into an area they want to spend time. Try creating a cozy book cave or a fort. Otherwise decorate a special area based on a fun theme, such as pirates, beaches, or spaceships to name a few.


  1. Start a book club

Have your child ask a few friends to join a book club or make it a parent-child activity. Pick a book, discussion date, and meeting venue. Bring some questions to discuss, like favorite part, character or how you would adjust the ending, to get the conversation flowing. You may even think about activities to go along with the story. Also, remember to bring snacks!


  1. Buy a reading lamp

Give your child a reading lamp, so they can stay up past their bedtime to read. This will help enforce the idea that reading is a privilege.


  1. Read aloud together

Continue to read with your child, even when they can read by themselves. Try alternating pages. Reading together will encourage them to keep reading and create a bonding experience.


  1. Find their favorite series

It may take some digging, but finding a series or author your child adores can make a huge difference. If they are drawn to Captain Underpants, they’ll want to know where the next adventure leads and be captivated to read the whole series.


  1. Adventure to the library

When hitting the library, check with the front desk to see what events may be coming up. Even if the events don’t have to do with reading, your kids will begin to associate the library with fun.


With a few little tricks, your kids will fall in love with reading before you know it.


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