Winning the Battle of Unwanted Bacteria

Winning the Battle of Unwanted Bacteria

By Heather Holmes, Probiotic Guru and Health Advocate

We take for granted that the restaurants we eat in, our homes, our offices, the airplanes we fly in, and the hotels we stay in are clean and can do us no harm. Unfortunately, more than ever, we are at risk, wherever we go, of encountering harmful germs, and no bleach or disinfectant is going to completely get rid of them. In fact, they can do more harm than good.

As a society, we have overused antibacterials and antibiotics to the point where the bad bacteria are now mounting a counter-attack by evolving into resistant strains that are making us sick. We have been at war and are seriously losing. Fighting back requires a new approach that doesn’t require killing bacteria to feel clean and safe. Our best weapon is good probiotic bacteria that can be applied to the surfaces we touch, into the air we breathe, onto our skin, and into our mouths. Understanding why this is necessary is important.

Germs we can’t see or even know exist attach to the gym equipment we use, fester in the airplane air we breathe, linger on our tray tables, hang out on the office microwave handle, make our counters feel sticky, and contaminate every surface in our hotel rooms. Have you ever thought about the germs on the hotel remote control, the dirty air coming out of the a/c unit, the dirty water you wash your hands with on an airplane, or the minimal cleaning done in between flights?

What you may not know is that it takes ten good bacteria to crowd out one bad one. Chemicals like hand sanitizers don’t discriminate. So, if you kill all of the good and bad bacteria, the more resistant bad ones repopulate your hands faster. They have ten times more opportunity to multiply, and they are then free to form a microscopic plaque called biofilm that makes them impervious to even the strongest disinfectant. Biofilm attaches to every single thing around you, even your cell phone, allowing MRSA, Salmonella, E.coli and Staph and others to rapidly multiply.

A peer-reviewed study of environmental pathogens (bad bacteria) in hospitals published in the journal PLOS ONE concluded that probiotics (the good bacteria) “can germinate on dry inanimate surfaces” and “counteract the growth of pathogens and effectively substitute for them.” The study also found “an evident decrease of antibiotic resistance genes.”

So, what can you do to stay healthy in a world of germs? The best, easiest and effective solution is to add good probiotic bacteria into your life to combat the bad bacteria that can really make you sick – that make things stink – that don’t allow you to feel like the stellar person you should be.

P2 Probiotic Power provides a proven way to incorporate probiotics into your daily life with cleaning, personal care and pet products that protect you for days against the germs you don’t want. They help keep biofilm plaque from returning with combinations of non-GMO, patented strains of FDA & EPA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) probiotics that are highly effective at crowding out harmful bacteria, producing enzymes that inhibit bad bacteria, and creating an unfavorable environment for bad bacteria.

The bottom line is that you lead an active, productive, healthy life and don’t have time to worry whether a surface or the air is clean or dirty or is going to make you sick. P2 Probiotic Power will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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