Candace Maxwell is Becoming The Star of New York.

Candace Maxwell is Becoming The Star of New York.

Candace Maxwell had an interesting start to her acting career. Though it started at an early age, it wasn’t something that her mother was too excited about. Nonetheless, after she began working as a paid performer, the dedication and sacrifice clearly paid off. Many of us know Candace as “Dime”, the emcee on the hit BET show “All The Queens Men” starring Eva Marcille, Christian Keyes, Skyh Black, Racquel Palmer, and an array of Male Exotic Dancers. However, her first television role was that of the romantic interest of Larenz Tate on STARZ cult-classic series “POWER”.

We wanted to know who Candace is in true SUAVV form. Candace Maxwell shares her inspirational story of how she overcame many obstacles and reached her goal of becoming a successful actress. Candace shares her tips on how to overcome any obstacle and reach your goals, and her story will inspire you to reach for the stars no matter what life throws your way.

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