TV Personality and Fitness Trainer Christopher Clarke Talks About Fitness After 40 for Men

TV Personality and Fitness Trainer Christopher Clarke Talks About Fitness After 40 for Men

Celebrity Christopher Clarke is a TV Personality and a Fitness Trainer with a client roster training musicians, athletes, executives, diplomats, and celebrities all over the world. He is often featured in TV media including CBS TV, NBC TV, CW TV, FOX TV, and more. We caught up with Christopher to ask him some of our questions about fitness after 40 for men.

What do you wish all men knew about fitness after 40?

Staying fit is the pillar of longevity and vitality for men over 40.

A strength training regimen helps boost testosterone levels, a key hormone that starts to decline after age 30 leading to a decrease in sex drive, muscle loss, tiredness, and emotional instability.

A robust strength training routine will slow or reverse the decline and improve overall strength, lean muscle mass and longevity.

Aerobic exercise is vital for men over 40. They are gravely at risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and other cardiovascular problems.

A cardiovascular workout for men over 40 promotes heart health, decrease risk of cardiovascular diseases, and improve overall wellbeing for men over 40 leading to longevity and vitality.

What are some differences between setting and achieving fitness goals after 40 vs when you’re younger?

Setting goals after 40 is key to achieving results. At a youthful age, our high levels of testosterone, overall youthful endurance allow us to be void of a workout plan, cut corners, and take risks while maintaining health and overall fitness levels. Men over 40 unfortunately don’t have such luxuries and need to develop a tailor-made exercise plan, focus on proper techniques to prevent injuries, and need proper rest to recover in order to produce results and maintain health and wellness.


Here are 5 tips to help men over 40 achieve their fitness goals.

Christopher ClarkeSet achievable goals:

Often men over 40 set goals similar to their youthful age. This often leads to injuries, disappointment, and depression. So, set small achievable goals to build confidence, prevent injuries, and produce better results.

Lift lighter weights:

Lifting lighter weight may not make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime but reduces the risk of injuries and promotes lean muscle mass resulting in a toned body also known as a bedroom body.


Cardiovascular exercise is essential to overall health. Create a time that fits your schedule. Begin with a less challenging routine, walk 2 times a week for 20 minutes then gradually build your endurance to a more robust cardio exercise such as jogging.


Rest is one of the most important aspects of achieving fitness goals. It helps the body recover, repair microscopic tears that leads to muscle growth and strength. Sleep 7 hours or more and take 1-2 days off depending on intensity.

The Tortoise method:

Consistency, determination, and never giving up. The turtle implemented these steps to achieve his fitness goal, winning the race against the speedy rabbit.  Having a mental resolve to execute a plan, fostering willpower and never relenting until the end will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Christopher Clarke is a celebrity fitness trainer with a client roster that includes executives, diplomats, musicians, athletes and celebrities. He is known as a health and wellness guru and has modeled appearing in billboards, music videos, and fashion shows. He is involved with many charities and has received awards for his charity work in the U.S. and internationally. For over 15 years, Christopher Clarke has been creating tailor-made exercise programs to suit individuals of every age and fitness level. He trains and advises clients from all over the world including the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. Christopher Clarke is featured in international media, national media and TV.

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