Jacquees “Not Jus Anybody”: Music Review

Jacquees “Not Jus Anybody”: Music Review

To start off I LOVE the sound of Jacquees voice. His voice is extremely soothing on his new track “Not Jus Anybody”. I love the way his voice sounds. It’s like he is singing directly to me. I can’t be the only one who thinks this. I think Future being added to this track was a good idea too. It gave the song the extra flavor it needed.

I think this song was a good comeback song for Jacquees because I haven’t heard from him since way back when he remixed Ella Mai’s song “Boo’d Up” and everyone including myself went crazy over it. One thing I liked about this song that he released the best is groovy. It gives me R&B vibes with a twist. The fact that the song is slower has an even better tone.

There is one part of the song that I did not like. It’s towards the end. There was a lot of auto-tune over Jacquees voice and I didn’t like that. His voice is already so amazing in my opinion it didn’t need the extra effects.  I also like that Future’s part didn’t overshadow the song as well. Sometimes when someone is featured in a song you forget about the main artist whose name is actually on the song. But his part fit just right: these two make a good team together.

Here’s a link and give it a listen!

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