Kevin Ross talks about Looking for Love and more…

Kevin Ross talks about Looking for Love and more…

R&B Singer Kevin Ross has been taking the industry by storm. His voice has more soul and maturity than many in his genre. With his recent project DRIVE 2 spinning all over radio stations and streaming platforms, he is further cementing his place in R&B Soul Music.

Kevin made a major move before putting out this project. He decided to take the independent route with his career. While we know from other artists who have done this, it’s not easy by far, but the risk can ultimately reap a huge reward. Kevin is not only able to control the music he puts out, but he can control what he talks about. That may be more important than having the money and voting power from a label.

We had the opportunity to talk to Kevin Ross is about his music, his influences, his writing, and where he looks to take his career. Ultimately, we found out about some advice that he received from the titan, Maxwell.

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