Knock Your Socks Off: Worlds Softest Socks

Knock Your Socks Off: Worlds Softest Socks


Football season is approaching and with most of us college and pro football fans, this is the moment to start you trash-talking routines and pulling out the colors. It’s the time of year that we drape ourselves in jerseys, hats, sweatpants, flags, banners, car emblems, and the extreme and brave of us with painted bodies.

Well, fellas, step your sock game up this season. Kick the safe black and white socks to the curb in favor of bright colors and dashing prints. Let your office, as well as your house guests, know what territory they are in when they step in your den. Stylish enough to go with any dress code from blue jeans to a three piece suit, World Softest Sock will give that extra boost of team pride.

There’s no better feeling than a pair of new socks on your feet. These socks are like walking on clouds. While the socks are incredibly soft, they do not lose form easily and will remain your go-to sock for months to come.

Manufactured in Niota, Tennessee, World’s Softest Socks are made by the 115-year old Crescent Sock Company. What better way to cheer on your team. while supporting American manufacturing. These socks are available in an array of colors and patterns and can be purchased at

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