Luxury Streetwear Line Reboots ‘90s Style with 2023 Messaging

Luxury Streetwear Line Reboots ‘90s Style with 2023 Messaging

Ricardo London is a new socially ambitious unisex luxury streetwear collection created by fashion collaborators. Their first capsule collection gives vintage throwback vibes with a modern twist to awaken the inner activist in fashion-conscious Gen Z and millennials. Unapologetically progressive, the line’s inaugural capsule collection turns premium cotton T-shirts and hoodies, and high-end bomber jackets into social statement pieces to provoke thought and conversation. 

According to Ricardo London’s co-creator, Antonio Ricardo, “This capsule collection makes a statement about the importance of Black people loving each other, supporting each other, knowing who we are, and culture building. It also expresses a collective frustration at the historical devaluing we have experienced as a people.”

Ricardo London

Adds co-creator and designer Evrice, Cornelius, “Antonio had ideas for statement T-shirts and hoodies, and a modern take on the bomber jacket. With my European training and background in luxury apparel, I knew we could catapult the concept for this collection and bring it to market.”

Ricardo London’s debut collection is USA made, with imported accents and materials from Italy and the UK.  T-shirt and hoodie phrases include:

Ricardo London

“Staying Alive is the New Hustle”
“Loyal to the Blaxk Woman”
“Loyal to the Blaxk Man”

Rounding out their 1st capsule collection is an exquisitely appointed unisex bomber jacket constructed with wool, lambskin, leather, and Italian-sourced zippers. High-end ribbing around the neckline and cuffing, with a padded nylon interior, buckle embellishments, and a slight drop shoulder set this piece apart.

The exterior buckles can be sinched for a snug and fitted look and feel. Buckles can be shaped into an X pattern, or they can hang loose, giving the jacket a more textured aesthetic.

“We wanted these bomber jackets to be unique pieces that can be reinterpreted for future seasons,” explains Ricardo London Creative Director, Evrice Cornelius.

The Story of Ricardo London

“I am a Black man living in America who was raised in the Orlando, Florida projects by a single Black mother,” says Founder Antonio Ricardo. “I overcame poverty, being a ward of the state, and numerous occasions of homelessness.” Antonio eventually found success in the television industry in Los Angeles before turning his attention to fashion.

Ricardo London

“I always had a passion for expressing myself through T-shirts and clothing,” he adds, “especially being able to leverage social media. You can share how you feel through fashion. During the pandemic, I sketched everything out and then approached Evrice, a London-trained fashion designer with my capsule collection ideas. I knew I wanted to create emotionally-driven statement pieces aligned with my core values, that would provoke people to think.”

All T-shirts and hoodies are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk and fit to wear, and made in the USA.

Bomber Jackets are also made in the USA with embellishments sourced from Italy and the UK. They are constructed with more volume to accommodate layering with a hoodie, or to wear with just a T-shirt underneath.

Sizes on all garments come in small, medium, large, and ex-large and run true to size.

Antonio Ricardo concludes, “This capsule collection was created to serve a niche market of young people who wish to express themselves productively, through fashion.”

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