Latrice Rogers: Ring My Belle

Latrice Rogers: Ring My Belle

Latrice Rogers is one of the fan-favorite cast members of OWN tv’s hit show Belle Collectives. The show is filmed in Jackson Mississippi and follows a group of women as they navigate the world of business, friendship, and discourse. Latrice (The Hair Care Mogul), whose introduction to the show was in the face of drama and was instantly forced to stand her ground. That initial drama turned into a two-season issue with Marie, (The Healthcare Mogul).

Latrice is a stepmother to her husband Cliff’s five children, yet a conversation about having a baby became a tumultuous issue in their marriage to a point that Latrice went to talk to her mother about her baby reluctance and her growth into womanhood. So we asked where she is in that conversation. and she asks us about the male perspective on having kids.

Latrice discussed a lot this recent season of the show and even more clarification to those interactions in our podcast. There are a lot of funny moments in this podcast as well as revelations that you more than likely don’t know.

Watch the Full Interview with Latrice here…

…Or Listen to the Podcast with Latrice here…

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